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stephyb Posts: 1439
I'm making up the inserts for my invites at the mo and was showing them to my mum and she said '' Where the one letting people know your gift list'' so i told her we're not having a list and she said '' every invite we've had from your cousins has had a note to say where they're list is, or the past few have had a poem asking for money instead'' so she's determined i should add mine. Now i had been thinking about it already and i found a cute poem i love, but i;m afraid it'll seem rude? Especially as many of our guests are travelling from oversea and i'm not expecting any gifts from them as they will be paying for their flights and accomodation etc. is it rude to include a poem saying you prefer money to gifts?
red_rubies Posts: 2424
If you do a search on this website you will find a good few threads on this topic & the general consensus is, that no matter how cute of tasteful the poem is, it is rude to ask for money! By all means, ask a few close friends & family members to spread the word that you would prefer cash, but don't put it in with the invites.
Snowglobe Posts: 40
Don't do it.......... Personal opinion but I think it's a horrible idea. Sorry!
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
I've never seen this done. In my opinion I would think it was rude. Wat is the poem like though?
GEMSPB Posts: 558
My cousing did that for her wedding last year and also had a note about no dresses from coast or debut at debenhams. My parents didnt like it. I didnt like it. I thought it was a bit rude. I always always give money for a wedding present as my taste might not be the same as other peoples. When I got that little note, I gave her a present instead. People do generally give you money now though. I wouldnt bother putting an insert into it.
marles Posts: 1397
There was an extensive thread on this already and the feelings were mixed. I myslef wouldn't put in a poem asking for money. I do think it is rude in my own opinion.I would suggest getting those in bridal party or your parents, that if anyone asks that they say "they have everything they need". Simply my opinion,maybe do a search for it,the tread was up a few weeks ago.
Daisymaisy Posts: 171
Defo a bit rude imo. I have never received an invite with one of these poems on it. It wouldn't really bother me much as I always give cash anyway but I know other people would be bothered! There's been loads of threads on this already and the general consensus is don't do it.
classygal Posts: 436
hmm, tricky one. Well I have had some poems in invitations and didn't think it was rude, although one which stated "we would prefer currency" was a but odd!? I guess some may find it cheeky, whilst others would like to get you something. We wanted cash but my Mum was against asking for it in case guests (mainly older ones, were offended). Word of mouth worked well, with both Mums spreading the message. Those that want to buy you gifts will ask what you would like x
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
Hi Mrs Meow I posted this thread a few weeks ago (start of Feb if you wanna work your way back and check through it), the general consensus was yes it is rude, people find that kind of thing not ok, but it is ok to get your rents and H2B's rents to pass the word around that money is preferable instead. Hope this helps :) Fluffy
thebrideof2009 Posts: 1416
no way i would to this its putting a price on what people have to give n those poems are so cheeky :wv