is it safe to fly at 11 weeks

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too soft Posts: 518
Hi girls my friend is 11 weeks,has had a normal pregnacy and produced a perfect little girl,then had a miscarrage and an eptopic pregnacy,brilliant news for her she has conceived again and is 11 weeks all going well,anyhow quick question she has a flight booked says its fine to fly but is it??at 11 weeks??
milis Posts: 7998
So long as her doctor says it's ok, it's ok.
Mama2b! Posts: 131
I think it all depends on what the doctor says to be honest. I reckon by the 11th week mark you're nearly on the home straight but then again, until I got clearance from a GP or consultant I wouldn't do anything. I flew at 16 weeks after getting the go ahead from the doc but it was a long enough flight and I was really uncomfortable...i'd tell your mate to check it out first!!
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Depends on what her doctor says & how long the flight is. I flew when I was 6 weeks pregnant, & got the go-ahead from the doc first, & I've two work trips coming up when I'm 11 weeks - the doc didn't hesitate for a second when I asked whether it was OK. But in view of her miscarriage, it's probably best that she clears it with her doctor first. *)
Babystar Posts: 195
I flew every 2nd week with work during my first trimester and doc said it was fine. The only reason they are sometimes cautious is that a) morning sickness can be worse on the plane b) if anything happens its hard being away from home. But flying itself doesn't harm the baby as far as I was told
mrsodo Posts: 1292
I flew return to the UK every week for a month during my first trimester, sometimes two return trips in a week and I was fine. My GP gave me the go ahead, so maybe your friend should check with her GP first considering her history.