Is it safe to use Dove tan lotion?

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
9 weeks pregnant. Is it ok to use dove tan lotion?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Can't see why not!
Twirl Posts: 5598
The only thing i have ever read before is that the pigment in your skin can change colour a bit and this might effect the tan but other than that i dont see why not either.
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Hiya, I've used fake tan all the way along my pregnancy and everything is fine (touch wood). The only thing that I would be wary of is to make sure it hasn't been lying on a shelf for months, they usually have a shelf like of six months or something, and since I've been pregnant I make sure not to use tan that's been lying around too long (unlike before!). Enjoy tanning, I love having a colour, and have been doing it during the pregnancy when I've been feeling awful to pick myself up a bit! Actually it's been a running joke in our family whenever they see me with a tan done, that I must have been having a bit of morning sickness or aches!
Dee78 Posts: 263
I've used Dove during my pregnancy and as far as I know it's fine to use fake tan as it only effects the out layer(s) of your skin and is not absorbed. I read that you should just be careful with spray tans due to inhaling the stuff but that creams etc are fine. Happy tanning :wv