Is it safe to use fake tan or gradual tan?

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nicky2006 Posts: 53
I was thinking of slapping on some dove gradual tanner next week for a work party. Is it safe?
fabcards Posts: 541
yes as far as i know it is safe to use...i would stay away from spray tans as you may inhale the fumes but a cream based one is fine
LMR Posts: 1925
Most fake tans only permeate the first three layers of skin so in theory its fine. However, there's not really been any research so who knows. However, I've fake tanned (inc self sprays and a salon spray tan - just make sure you're in a well ventilated area) with no adverse effects except for the odd streaking incident because I can't quite see what I'm doing these days!
Vogue Posts: 426
Yeah they're fine, thank God! I couldn't be doing with being pasty white!
Emme Posts: 4735
Just so you know palmers coaca cream now do a product with gradual tan in it. So you can fight stretch marks at the same time. Don't know how it smells though, haven't tried it yet.
oohbaby Posts: 164
worst bit of trying to do it yourself is the effort of rubbing and trying to get awkward places with bump in the way - enough to make you need a nap!! BUT i found this great, v preg friendly stuff in boots. by loreal i think, called nutrisummer mist. its literally just a mist that you spray on (very fine) and it dries really quickly. i put it on after shower and takes a couple of mins to dry in and then on with the clothes and off you go. develops that day and everyone comments on how natural it is. cant get enough of the stuff! so if you were going the whole hog, could do the exfoliate and moisturise thing the day before and then use the mist one or two mornings following that.