Is it too early for buying nursery furniture

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MrsFitz Posts: 162
Just looking for a bit of advice Im 24 weeks pregnant (due 1st Oct, and looking at buying nursery furniture on line from Mamas and Papas Im still nervous that its too early, and worried that god forbid if anything happened we will be stuck with the furniture as a constant reminder My DH thinks we should go ahead and order He also wants to go ahead and order our bugaboo chameleon . . . Any advice welcome
Kelis Posts: 213
I dont think it's too early, I started to get organised when I was 26wks pregnant because I wanted to have the energy & enthusism to get everything done. It will prob be 2-3wks before stuff starts arriving, mamas and papas can be a bit unreliable about delivery dates. I like to be organised.
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I'd go for it too. Though they do have a great summer sale coming up so you might want to hold out for that...But Mamas and Papas will hold onto any furniture for you as long as you want. I ordered mine from the Blanch store and they kept it for me for as long as I needed before delivering. (I won't go into the disasters regarding the delivery! It'll only get my blood pressure up!!) Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and happy planning :thnk
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I'd go for it. Morbid as it sounds baby is viable outside the womb from 24 weeks. But from that I'm at a stage now where I can't walk too far with legs and ankles swelling and my energy is non existent the last week. Good luck and happy shopping!
Diva30 Posts: 286
[color=#000080:mi8bjgoa]I love Mammas and Pappas and got all my nursery furniture and interior decor there when I was 20 weeks pregnant - keep an eye on their website for sales. They put different designs/items on sale different months ... I would recommend going for it while you have the energy - I did and I don't regret doing it![/color:mi8bjgoa]
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
i bought most of my stuff around 24 weeks too just as well i was laid up from about 30 weeks with high bp, swelling and couldn't walk the length of the room. you will be organised and gives you plenty of time to get yourself sorted happy shopping :o)ll
MrsFitz Posts: 162
Thanks for all the advice We got a good deal on what we wanted so we went ahead and ordered last night - gonna get it delivered to my parents house until closer to my due date. . . . . . !!!!