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tootsy Posts: 779
Hi everyone, Just wondering is it too early to start dress shopping? I really have no idea what i want but i no exactly what i don't want, I'm scared stiff of going trying dresses on as i have very different taste to bm's and mum, I'm afraid that they will convince me to go for something i will end up hating, Most of the dresses that i like they don't I'm not giving out about them but don't want to drag them around shops and them to feel like their advise isn't listened too!!!!!!!!!!! Should i just go alone or what?
overthemoon99 Posts: 527
hi i've my dress, veil, shoes, tiara all got since april of may i think, my dress is already in the shop, have the shoes at home. i went to about 7 shops but when back to the first one and got the 2nd dress i tired on, i took my 2 BM with me and they have very different tastes from me but my dress was the one that they all loved!!!
tootsy Posts: 779
i suppose i should start looking
early days Posts: 691
Never too early to start looking, better to be too early than to leave yourself under pressure. I got a load of magazines and had a look, saw nothing I liked, kept going back over them saying 'no, no, no.....' then one caught my eye, said to myself 'best try it on in case it's horrible on me' and headed off to the bridal shop on my own. I'm a bit like that anyway, dont like being told what's best for me! Loved the dress on, brought the BM's back with me a few days later to get their opinion and that sealed the deal. Mind you, they probably knew better than to start pulling out other ones and pushing them at me :-8 You could go on your own without telling anyone and then bring them when you're down to one or two if you want them to feel involved. Best of luck!
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
Its never too early for shopping :o0
tootsy Posts: 779
but i'd just feel so bad as my sisters havn't stopped talking about going with me and my mum is the same she never got dress shopping as she got a lend of hers, i'm the first girl in the house and no prospect for the others yet
frillynickers Posts: 1765
I think I'll go on my own the first time as I have a few dresses in mind, then brig the BM's and mam. My BMs have totally different taste to me but my sis likes prity much the same things so will just wait and see.
newlyengaged Posts: 255
I have my first appointment tomorrow and my wedding is after yours - oct 09. I've been obsessing over a certain style of dress and need to go try some on to see if they suit or if i need to be looking at completely different style! Im so excited! Altho - kinda nervous too! It'll make it very real!!!!!!
early days Posts: 691
Oh no you def don't sound too excited about the prospect. Sure if your sisters are BMs, you'll all be going shopping for them anyway. Do you think your mum and sis's are ok with your taste being different to theirs and wont be trying to put you in something you dont like? Maybe they just want to be there for the excitement rather than trying to pick a dress for you? Mightn't be as bad as you think.
tootsy Posts: 779
Thanks girls