Is it too early to start buying things?

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Mumslove Posts: 528
As you can see from my ticker Im not too far along but Im nearly half way there. I was thinking of going and buying the small things such as changing mats, vests, baby grows etc as Ive come across a few deals in certain places. We have everything else from dd more or less so we've actually very little to buy unless its a boy of course When I was around this far along with dd, I came across a super deal on a travel cot in roches as it was closing down in blanch when I was pregnant with her and soon afterwards, I bought the buggy as I came across a great deal in smyths so Im a bit of an early bird I suppose What do you think? Is it too early?
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i would say yes. i'm 31 weeks and have bought a good few bits in the past couple of weeks but kind of feel like it's going to make the rest of the pregnancy seem quite long. hard to stop once you start and if you've everything bought the wait will seem longer! also don't think i would have bought anything before 20 week scan.
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
skertl what i done was i started picking up little bits week by week. i am due around christmas so i needed to start picking stuff up. you dont realise how much you need all at once.
kala Posts: 1937
we will prob need a double buggy but i'm ony nearly 22 weeks so think its still a bit early to do so.think i'll hold off until i'm around 28 weeks to start looking properly. everyone is different but i'm just the nervous type and don't want to jinx it
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
I waited until after my 20 week scan which was actually at 23 weeks then i started getting some stuff. i went through all the neurtal stuff i had from dd then only had to buy a few things after that.I got all the moses basket covers and cribs down from the attic in july and cleaned and washed them and im so glad i did now as i would not have the energy to do it now.I like you like to be super organised though.
gemini chica Posts: 2581
IMO no its not too early, I have everything got from about 4 weeks ago, I am a very organised person, and I like to have it all done incase I go early. Another reason is I am starting to struggle with the bump etc and cant imagine wandering round trying to organise things at a later stage!
Salander Posts: 1639
For prams and bigger bits - I would have a look into them now as some places may take weeks to get the one you want in.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Skertl, I was looking at what I wanted from about 13 weeks but am only starting to pick up bits and pices now as had 20 week scan last week. i dont think its any harm though being prepared and I feel that the more you get now the more you can spread out the cost instead of leaving it till the end and having to fork out a good few €€€ happy shopping :wv