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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Morning girls Hope ye are all well just a little question Ovulation started today (Egg is released)now we DTD this morning :-8 :o)ll :o)ll but we were too tired the last 2 nights to babydance so I'm really hoping we might have some luck this month,but the question is would we still DTD for the next couple of days or is it too late now ??I don't think it will be our month as we should have DTD Mon/Tues nite aswell but did'nt unfortunatley hubbie too tired after hard days work :o( Thanks girls Good luck to all :wv
Me Julia Posts: 1352
As far as i am aware if you BD tonight as well its not too late. Now i could be wrong but from the websites i looked at they sadid you are still fertile but it gets less from time of ovulation till 48hrs after i think. So go ahead and try again tonight. Good luck :o)ll