Is it too late to change Hotels?

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Sinful Posts: 956
Had menu tastin last night Yuck and staff very very rude to my parents and H2B. We said we where really considering getting another venue and banqueting manager didnt seem to care... O:| O:| so much more but just cant get into it, im fuming Girls i have 4 months to go, do you think it is too late to get another Hotel?? Is it relistic ? Where is fantastic to get married, In Ireland or Abroad... i want somewhere amazing and also that will be soooo helpful and nice to deal with.
Loxer Posts: 30
that is just awful, I don;t know if you would be able to find somewhere else and have you paid a big deposit, you might lose that. If Iwere you I would contact the general manager and tell him/her of your worries. It is a big day and you are spending a lot of money so it must be right. Good luck
Betsy May Posts: 2168
It is worth asking - appearantly the cancellation rates are higher than we think. What's your location? Does anyone in your family have a large house they would be willing to lend? Or an OK sized one that you could stick a marquee onto?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi Sinful, poor you, that's terrible for you. Well, like Loxer said - have you paid a deposit? If you're not worried about losing it then I think you should look into changing. I know you've been unhappy with them lately, and really they should be running around after you to make sure you're happy. What area are you looking at and I'll see if I can come up with something?
july08bride Posts: 118
Well 4 months does seem very close, but im assuming your wedding is in Feb so I would think that that wouldnt be a very busy month so you would have a good chance in finding somewhere else, if your not happy with your hotel then i think you should change, you will only have one wedding day and its not worth being stressed over the hotel, just leave, if you have paid a small deposit just try to forget about it cause it will only drive you mad, what area are you in and us wollies will get on the case?
Sinful Posts: 956
I am far from flushed, we even had got rid of most of our bills to pay for this wedding, eg tv, gas, phone etc.... But if i lose the €1000 deposit i dont care im that annoyed and upset, i have to meet with the hotel next week but if they dont have a mirical (sp) im not holding my wedding there, i will fight for my deposit but if i dont get it i dont get it... I am willing to get married anywhere that is good dont care where.
Greece Posts: 1800
Thats awful, you poor thing!!! We are getting married in Clontarf Caslte and i find them great - you could try there.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I'd seriously consider it. The money, while annoying, is not as important as your happiness on the day. Ring around a few places and see what availability is like, and if you find somewhere suitable, want to change and can afford it, I say go for it.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
SinfulBeatch to be honest with you if you are that upset I eould really consider changing the venue too. I know it is a bit of hassle but it could be done as it is not like you are re-organising the whole thing if you have your suppliers booked. I am sure a lot of us wollies would be happy to recommend our venues etc....
Sinful Posts: 956
Thanks guys please do recommend me your Hotels only though if yous have been very very happy with the venue.