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nettie07 Posts: 293
my wedding is 18mths away, but i have fallen in love with a wedding dress, i think its perfect, i compare it too all other dresses that i look at t. the thing is i have only seen the dress over the net and cant find a stockist of the dress in ireland. i have seen in gownsale for a fantastic price. i havent even stepped foot inside a bridal shop yet, as i feel ill be laughed out of the shop looking at dresses this early, im very tempted to purchase this dress, and that way i wont be intimidated by salespeople, will i miss the whole experence of dress shopping tho,any one else got any opinions.
MaryM Posts: 137
I didn't really enjoy the dress shopping experience anyway (not a good shopper at the best of times - that Paris sales thread is giving me nightmares) but I do think you should at least try some dresses on. Even if you can't find the same dress you might see something similar, so you'll see if the style suits you. I found that the type of dress I would have loved didn't really suit me at all. As for being 18 months to the wedding - don't bother telling them that. Tell them the wedding is 6 or 7 months away - they won't know the difference.
fifidee Posts: 80
Like yourself I was dreading going dress shopping - I had done a lot of research on the internet and found what i thought was the perfect dress - I had seen it at a wedding fair and fell in love with it - I found stockists of it and also found it on House of Brides - Internet shop. I was very close to ordering it when I thought id better try it on. So I went shopping and I pcked the first dress in the first shop i seen - it looked nothing like the first dress I had looked at but I really love it. I then went to anther shop to try on te original dress just to make sure - I couldnt even keep it on me for two mins - I hated it and my sisters a#said the same - it was a lovely dress but it really didnt suit me. Didnt think this reply would be so long :lol: my advise is to defintly try it on just to make sure it suits you - I wouldnt be put off by the fact that the wedding is a while away yet - just make sure that you will still love it next year - ASre you sure there are no stockists here - what is the designer name?
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
Another one here recommending you go to the shops first! I had what I imagined my dress would be picked from even before we got engaged (and there wasn't even an inkling we would any time soon) so as soon as it happened, I was off to try it on. It was grand, but left me feeling kind of empty - certainly not the wow-factor I'd expected to get. However, I did find a dress that day with 17 months to go. I did nothing about it for almost 5 months, trying on all sorts of dresses in the meantime and kept comparing them all to this one I'd seen that day and which I then bought. What I'm trying to say (in a longwinded way!) is that the one you think is The One is possibly not. Until you've tried on different shapes and colours, you won't really know what style is for you. You might not find the exact one you're looking for, but I'd recommend trying similar shapes and styles before you do anything. Some shops will suspect you're not shopping in earnest with so long to go, but most will be very helpful in advising you when to look even if they think it's too early. Plenty will be happy to have your custom however far off the date is.
curly sue Posts: 257
I agree with the others, you should definitely try on some dresses - it's the only way to know what suits you and what you like - what you like in pictures can be very different to what you like on you! I wouldnt worry about being so early - I got my dress a month ago, and as you can see I'm 14 months away from getting married! The people in the shops had no problem with that in the slightest; most of them even already had bookings for summer 2007 at that stage. So you've nothing to be worried about on that score. Happy shopping! :o)ll
nettie07 Posts: 293
thanks girls, i think ill head to a few shops next week with my sister/bridesmaid a have a look, the dress i love is a maggie sottero gown called faith.
december06bride Posts: 245
I would defentely go to a shop first and i would leave yet for another few months. I picked my dress last march and i have regretted it since as i have seen another dress now i really like at a wedding fair. They say you know when you try on the dress - i would say go home and think about it for a while before you decide because you cant change your mind once you pick it. Its worth going to the shops as its a great experience trying on all these dresses - GOOD LUCK !!! :o)ll
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Definitely try on some dresses first, to get an idea of what styles will suit you. I don't think 18 months is too far in advance to be looking for a dress. When I was looking for mine it was 13 months in advance when I started looking, and I thought this was too early, but I was assured in any shop that I went to, that it was never too early :lol: