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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi all u galls, im only new to this baby section of WOL. was addicted to WOL before the wedding and now that its over i need something else to be addicted too. I'm going off the pill now when i'm finished this pack and have started taking my folic acid. it says on the folic acid that you should wait at least 14 weeks before trying for a baby. Has anyone out there got pregnant on the first few trys after just coming off the pill or does it take a while for your body to regulate itself? And would it be bad if you got pregnant with only being on the folic acid a couple of weeks? I'm absolutely dying for a little babs and am praying that it will happen without any hitches. Ok chat soon all ye mums to be. xx
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Hi Allo, welcome to this side of the WOL site! In an ideal world you should be taking folic acid 12-14 weeks prior to conception and then for the first 3 months of babies growth but its not always the case and people still deliver perfectly healthy babies without the recommended intake. If you're already on it now then you will have some level built up in your system so just keep taking it and if you're lucky enough to get pregnant straight after coming off the pill you just continue taking it for first 12-14 weeks of your pregnancy. Yes it is possible to get pregnant straight away, we were lucky enough in that respect also. Best of luck and sending lots of baby dust your way.