Is it too soon to think about buying dress??

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Babyloco Posts: 964
Im going to a sample sale tomorrow and will be trying on dresses for the 1st time :o)ll But the wedding is not until May 2011. Would it be silly to buy anything if i do see something i like.I know what im like when i see something i like-i have to have it there and then-thats what im worried about.
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Hi I'm june 2011 but going to start looking in oct want to get an idea of what I like dont want to rush into anything. Dont live your life by what others tell you if you wanna dress shop you go girl :o)ll :o0
Babyloco Posts: 964
Im mostly concerned about storing the dress until the big day, and about changing my mind!
katiecaboom Posts: 831
The changing my mind is whats holding me back a little too. Think theres some trick with a duvet cover for storing the dress.
rubybride2010 Posts: 321
I started looking for mine early as I wanted to save money by buying in the sale (which only happen twices a year). If you start looking in the shops now and find your dream dress it gives you plenty of time to get it cheaper. I tried on lots of dresses but kept going back to the same one I saw a year ago that was way over my budget. However, I'm now just after getting it for 800 instead of the 2400.00- very happy. *)
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
I've looked in 2 dress shops already,MM,and our wedding is not until July 2011. I'm really glad I've started looking as I;ve a very clear idea about how much I want to spend and what suits me, plus its loads of fun!!!! Enjoy!!
Skittlespink Posts: 406
Im June 2011 and bought my dress last Saturday!!!!!!!!I found the one I love so went for it and its such a relief to have it sorted. Can move on to other things now!
flowers01 Posts: 205
Oh my God!!! Your frightening me ladies!!! :ooh We're getting married xmas 2010 and I havent even stood in a bridal shop yet never mind tried any dresses on! The only dress hunting I've done is on the internet!!!! Must get my act in order!!!! :o0
shoppergal Posts: 1179
Personally I'd think it's too early. I'm getting married next May and ordered my dress about 2 months ago. Couldn't imagine having it nearly a year at this stage. Think I'd be a bit gone off it by now if you know what i mean.
Babyloco Posts: 964
I had no need to fear-the dresses were not nice-well not on me anyway. They werent what i was looking fo at all and they were so big on me that i couldnt see any shape to me at all-real bridal shop next week to try on a dress i really love!!