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lucy loo Posts: 58
Hi Just wondering has anyone tried or heard of this one of the girls in work was telling me that if you are TTC after ye done the BD place a pillow under your bum and raise your legs as it makes it easier for the sperm to swim and gives you a better chance of getting BFP I never heard of that
playabella Posts: 543
Yeah we did that. It is definately supposed to help the little swimmers on their way.
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
Yep we did it too, even just put your legs up in the air and that will raise your hips up. I think the idea is to make gravity help the swimmers 'in' rather than 'out' :o0 I kind of hugged my knees into my chest for a few minutes afterwards - deffo worked :o)ll Good luck!
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
i heard that! Let gravity do it's thing. And of course don't go to the toilet afterwards!
i carried a watermelon Posts: 140
Hi :wv I only ever done that twice and both times I got a BFP. So I think is Defo helps. :o0
missust Posts: 370
me too....runined the romance of the moment ...dh thought it was hilarious....worked a treat!
Emomc Posts: 2069
I did this too! Try and do it for at least 15 mins to half an hour max
Aurge Posts: 1456
Yep I did it a few times too, not sure if it was the time I got my bfp though.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i didn't do it just took robutissun for chesty coughs before the deed and after the deed. think it owrked
LMR Posts: 1925
We did it. Let gravity do its stuff and all that. Whether it helped I don't know, but I can't imagine it does any harm!