Is Kelly Clarkson's cd sold out everywhere?

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The Wedding Planner Posts: 63
I went searching for it at lunchtime today and couldn't get it. Anyone see it? And also the US book. Can't get that either. :cry: Anyone else having trouble with presents that are in high demand?
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Think I saw this CD in Tesco Weddingplanner.If one near you, might be worth a look, I spotted it in Jervis
The Wedding Planner Posts: 63
Never thought of Tesco, Anon. Great stuff.
MrsCranberry Posts: 297
The US book is having huge problems with supply and demand. If you are anywhere near it, the Meteor shop in Northside shopping centre has loads of them. Maybe other Meteor shops do too but I know most people were looking in bookshops (me included) and never knew they were in the Meteor ones. Worth a go. Maybe go on the website and ring around the shops?
The Wedding Planner Posts: 63
Thanks Mrs. Cranberry.
JosieJ Posts: 75
HI, Can't help you with the CD but one of the bookshops in NUtgrove S.C. had a stack of US books there yesterday afternoon. HTH
Mrs Leela Posts: 262
Saw loads of them in Virgin in Dundrum about 10 mins ago.
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that I ordered US from the hughes and hughes website a couple of days ago and it got delivered today!
ed* Posts: 402
Hughes and Hughes in St Stephens Green had stacks of them yesterday.... Best of luck ! I got a copy for my grandparents and I thought it was amazing. It's such a great pressie... If no-one gets me a copy (I've made a few hints :wink: ) Then I'll buy it in the airport on St Stephens day
The Wedding Planner Posts: 63
Got KC's cd last night. Still no luck on US. :roll: