Is Kinesiology safe in pregnancy?

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23leanne Posts: 761
Just wondering about this. I have alot of bubbling gas coming up eosphogus/throat with a constant need to belch to release the pressure. I have had this before I became pregnant and had a scope done in Dec showed up a hiatus hernia. I am off the tablets prescribed back then due to pregnancy and can't get another scope or barrium swallow done until after pregnancy. I did read about kinesiology pushing sliding hernia back down and treating conditions similar to this but am unsure about it when pregnant? Anyone know anything about this? :thnk
Bm10 Posts: 296
Hi Leanne, I don't know about treating a hernia, but I attended a knieseiologist throughout my pregnancy. I orginally went to help with my infertility - it worked! I continued treatment then to keep my hormones balanced and to keep my asthma under control. Any homeopathic remedies she used were completely safe in pregnancy too. I hope this helps and that you get your hernia sorted out. Kx