Is luteal phase always the same length

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sunnyside Posts: 3164
I admit I'm clutching at straws here but for the last two months I've worked out luteal phase as 13 days (I calculated from day after ovulation to day before af). I'm 14dpo today- I thought I was starting af over the weekend cause I had cramps and small bit of spotting. To add to my cringing I did a test this morning :-8 and got a BFN. So I am assuming luteal phase is going to be more than 14 days this month- is that possible? Anyway, just feel a bit down about the whole thing today and once af arrives this month I think I'll have to take a wee break from WOL as I think its making me a little obsessed :o0
Me Julia Posts: 1352
sunnyside.........i dont know the answer to this but would like to know. I do think that i read on Dr amy that it always stays the same length but ov can i may be wrong but could have sworn i read that. Good luck........... :wv
jen2 Posts: 3106
Dont know tha tanswer pet. But just wanted to give you a big hug :action31 . Hope you get your BFP soon. Jen2
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Yes Luteal Phase is always the same, give or take a day though. Fingers crossed for you!!
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
hi sunnyside just to let u know- my LP was always 13 days and it was 17 this cycle just gone. So yes, LP can change esp if you're taking any supplements etc. I charted my temps and used OPKs last cycle so I know when I ovulated. Keep charting your temps cos if you get 18 high temps, you know you're PG. best of luck and lots of baby dust to you!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Sunnyside i thought it couldnt change unless you were taking supplements????? If you were not then afaik it should always be the same. I counted from day i ov to day i got af but if you are counting the same days each month it may not matter. The spotting could be an implantation bleed, i know most people dont get the BFP until they are a few days late. I really really really hope this is it for you. Im probably wrong to get your hopes up but God it would be brilliant. :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: