Is mount Carmel worth it?

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mimmie Posts: 601
Hi I've just found out I'm pregnant on #2. Had my dd 18 months ago in Holles st- the domino midwife scheme initially until I had to have a section. I didn't find it great TBH with regards to bf help- they were extremely busy however it felt like I was an inconvenience to them :-8 . Some of the nurses also weren't too pleasant- I left after 2 nights. Also the fact that there were 8 of us squeezed in the ward was a bit mad ( one girl with twins!!) So I suppose I'm asking is Mount Carmel really worth it? The shared care scheme is great but has anyone any experience of it compared to Holles Street? Thanks girls. O-O
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I can't offer you advice - but I'm going Semi-p with Mount Carmel - my first appointment is next week. My SIL is doing the same (she is due this week) and has had no complaints at all - is very happy with them. Another friend of mine is due her 2nd baby and going with MC again - she was very happy the last time.
Emme Posts: 4735
I'm going to MC but I'm with a consultant. I had DS there and have nothing but good to say about it. Its not fancy at all like a lot of people think but the amount of staff and therefore time they have for you in unbelievable. I had no complications or anything and yet had all the staff in the world! Thats what matters to me anyway and I also love that it's mother & baby led as opposed to only baby led. Mammy needs her rest too! Very calm unflustered environment to have a babs!
ructions Posts: 2689
In my experience yes, absolutely. Whatever about the antenatal care, which was great, postnatal care was fantastic. My experience there was so calm, I was brought into a delivery room when I arrived in labour and stayed in that room until DS was born. The midwives are so respectful. My epidural was administered with 10 minutes of me asking for it, no faffing about or re-siting needed. A consultant did my stitches and I was healed perfectly within 2 weeks. I loved having my own room, particularly my own bathroom and appreciated the privacy. DH could visit any time he liked for as long as he wanted because we weren't bothering anyone else. I used the nursery at night and DS was brought back to me for breastfeeds. Lots of support for breastfeeding too, the staff have so much time to help you and a lactation consultant came to visit without me even asking for her. If we ever have another babs I'll be back there in a shot. I went fully private, not shared care but the girls I met in MC who had gone shared care were very happy. By the way, people will tell you all sorts about MC not being able to cater for complications, they can. There is a special care unit on site and the only thing they won't cater for are arrivals pre-32 weeks.
anya Posts: 187
MC is definitely worth it from the mums care point of view, however as someone working in paediatrics, I can tell you that they may have a special care unit but you wont find many paediatric nurses/doctors having their babies there. If you and your baby are healthy then you'll have nothing but positive experiences in Mount Carmel, but I would say in my personal opinion if your pregnancy is in any way high risk or any potential complications with your baby then it wouldnt be where I'd go.
manxmrs Posts: 850
I had my first child here 5 weeks ago, and it was very good. We were shared care semi-private and the midwives/Consultant were excellent, fab standard of care and treatment. I'd agree with the other poster re. high risk though, as its not a specialised hospital like Rotunda etc. I had a 4-bed ward, and IF I go for another baby, i'd go for my own room, purely because of babies crying through the night and more space.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Oh god yeah, it's totally worth it. I had my first 3 children there. They were brilliant. Staff great, plus they do have a special care unit, and a neo natal unit. They won't deliver a baby before 33 wks, but other than that, every thing else is great. Can't afford it have this baby there, and truthfully am upset about it. The staff take the babies at night in the nursey, and if your bottle feeding you can ask them to do middle of night feed. If your breast feeding they will bring baby to you during the night, but then you can drop baby back to nursey to get some sleep. Best of luck!!
happymumof2 Posts: 288
Just had my DD2 there 8 weeks ago and I can't speak highly enough about it. all the staff were fantastic, I also had DD1 there. The nurses are very busy but always have time to spend with you and on DD1 their help with bf was amazing unfortunatly it didn't work out but that was down to me. The fact that they take the baby at night is truly a god send and really helped my recovery, I think my DH was more tired than I was by the time I was home :o0
Autumn Mama Posts: 750
with relation to Mt C not having the facilities to care for anything but a normal pregnancy i was told by my gp that if the pregnancy becomes high risk that you'd be referred to holles street for more specialist care
mimmie Posts: 601
Thanks everybody for the replies. Still trying to decide. It's either semi-private in MC or public in holles street/coombe as I don't believe semi-private there is any advantage. I guess it comes down personal opinion! :-8 Thanks again and any other opinions would be greatly appreciated