is no one worried about the weather

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Momof2 Posts: 3884
Ok as you can see ticker getting very close now. Mum Dad H2B CBM no one is mentioning the weather ... while I know you can't control it does anyone have a contingency plan. Like should you have a second pair of shoes etc... Think I'm going slightly mental tell me I'm not alone.... please I need you fellow brides :o0
Sheep Posts: 626
You have over a month to go and September usually isn't that bad weather wise. Then again who knows? If it were me I wouldn't worry about it and just accept that whatever happens will happen. I'm sure you've enough to be worrying about without worrying about it raining. You'll be indoors most of the time anyway I should imagine. Relax!
hick Posts: 858
Have to agree with the above poster If you spend your whole time worrying if it will rain and it does you may end up devastated and let it impact your day too much. Just remember no matter what you can't do anything about it, accept that and start planning on enjoying yourself no matter what!!! You'll have a great day! :wv
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Try not to worry about the weather, what will be will be and you cant control.Just make sure you enjoy the day whatever the weather is like.
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
It usually always is good weather when the children go back to school! Fingers crossed for you :o)ll
keelyn Posts: 1197
You can't control the weather, but it might help you relax if you have a contingency plan. If you feel you might need a second pair of shoes, and can afford them, well go get them. If having them will relieve some stress, then go for it. If you're not having your hair and make-up done at home - is there some one available to pick you up right outside the door of the salon? Have you discussed photo locations with your photographer - is there appropriate places indoors at the church & hotel for photos if it's raining. Sceens of bride with dress hoisted up trying to avoid puddles, groom and best man huddled under umbrella having a smoke etc make great shots - so if it rains, see it as a chance to have some unique photos! make sure you have lots of big umbrellas - maybe you could get some in your bridesmaids colours. You'll be inside most of the day so the the rain wont have a huge impact on the day Dont stress!
greenandred Posts: 318
I was only thinking about the weather yesterday but you know who cares, obviously if its sunny great..but if its not well it'll still be great! Am so excited now! :o)ll
maryaliceb Posts: 42
Would you believe it I am actually hoping it rains - if it does that means you get to your venue quicker - mingle more with your guests as the day isn't delayed with pictures at a separate location! Seen it happen at my brothers wedding - too long was spend at a garden place for pic's and when we eventually got to the hotel alot of guests had already seated for the meal!
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
It's Ireland so you can't really be too hopeful about the weather unfortunately! Go shopping for some wedding umbrellas and a second pair of shoes and you'll be fine. There's really no point in worrying about it....
mrssirfoxie Posts: 379
I am in the same boat but am taking it all in my stride, dont worry about the weather if its going to rain on the day so be it you are still going to have a great day, dont worry about it, get yourself a second pair of shoes i did and i am not going to let a drop of rain spoil my big day, try relax and go with the flow it will be all fine on the day good luck with it all :wv