Is the babyliss big hair hard to use?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Thinking if getting one but can hardly use a straightner, find heated rollers etc very hard to use? Thanks girlies, hopefully the answer to all my bad hair days !!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I found it easy to use after watching the tutorial on youtube. And i'm useless with rollers, ghds and everything
lovethesite Posts: 1054
Is it good happyfamily?
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
I only got mine yesterday so I have only used it once. I nearly tore the head off myself at the start but I was getting the hang of it towards the end. I reckon another few times and I ill be a pro.
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I find it good. I have very fine hair though and not alot of it so it's easy and fairly quick for me. I used it on a fried with thick hair and it took a half hour becuse of all the sections of hair
Bellisima Posts: 3583
No its not hard but is time consuming and dont expect to end up looking like the model! (Well not straight away anyway :o0 )
Layla20 Posts: 1089
I'm pretty hopeless with ghds or rollers or anything but I've got the hang of this very quickly, and lots of people have commented how good my hair has looked the last few weeks. It definitely takes a bit of time but well worth it.