Is there a baby stuff checklist?

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Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
When we were planning the wedding there were lots of checklists with things to make sure to do and get. Is there one for baby stuff or does anyone know of one? Kind of, at this time sort this out, at six months make sure you've done this, and a list of must haves for baby (cot, car seat, that kind of thing)? Anyone seen one or want to start one and add in their must haves?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
:o)ll Anyone? Or can anyone tell me what they've bought so far? :thnk
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
There are a few stickies which will help with what to buy but I don’t think that there is any countdown to pregnancy list as such. Although I’m sure Google would throw something back at you. I have a list but it’s on the computer at home- will post it later.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Thanks Regina, must have a good look at the stickies. :thnk
Sassypants Posts: 4461
There's a sticky on the P+B. The Practical Tips for New Mums To Be has loads of lists. Dunno if that's what you are looking for. Good luck!!!
justwed09 Posts: 2349
heres one for the hospital bag i foudn on eumom ... 110624.pdf
pag Posts: 633
Hiya Her is the list that I was given on first baby. Comments are mixture of mine and friends. Only covers baby items rather than hospital/labour bags. Home §  Cot Not necessary at the beginning if you have the moses basket/crib/pram. Or can be used from the beginning and then no need for the crib/moses basket. You can buy cot dividers to make it cosier for when they are tiny. §   Blankets We swaddled at the very beginning so just needed 2 bigish ones, and then went to the Grobags at 7 weeks. I don't think there is any need to buy moses/pram blankets as well as cot blankets. You could get some as presents so just wait and see. NB: Once you have baby make sure you get someone to get you a pink or blue blanket especially if you are in TEAM CREAM  -it makes all the difference. §  Sheets We had 4 fitted sheets for the crib/cot and that was plenty. Never got moses basket sheets - just used pillow cases! §  CarSeat with base we have isofix base that works with maxicosi car seat. You can get bases for non-isofix cars. Highly recommend. §  Pram/Travel system  as long as you have something for baby to lie in while you go for walks etc it doesn’t matter how fancy or swish it is. §  Bouncer  Handy, even from the very beginning. Once baby starts to have longer awake periods they like to see different things §  Monitor  We didnt use it as a monitor for a few weeks but some have a thermometer function which is so handy right from the beginning. We got a video one and it is excellent - gives reasurrance taht baby is ok without having to go in. Also if baby cries you can check monitor and see if it's just a dreaming cry or a I'm waking up cry.   §  Baby sling/Carrier  Not in anyway essential - really dependent on person and baby. Check out rollercoaster or magicmum if interested. §  Toys & Baby crib mobile Important for baby to have something to focus on while awake and lying down. You may get some as presents - mothercare have some nice small hanging items. §  Baby Bath & Bath support   §  Nappies  Dont buy too many of the tiny size a few packets are sufficient.  §  Cotton Wool Buy the larger makeup remover pads and use these as the cotton wipes - so much easier. Also great if baby gets sticky eye as they don't shed fluff all over baby §  Nappy Sacs Get cheap and cheerful in supermarket. don't buy too many as you may hate the scent of them. §  Wipes  I like the Waterwipes for hospital but then use the Tesco fragrance free (sold individually or in packs of 4 for €4!!) But dont buy lots before babs arrives as they can be sensitive so some, esp the johnsons stuff §  baby sponge buy 2 diff colours: one for top and one for bottom!! §  baby towel §  Muslin Squares  The best invention EVER, they are brilliant for spills and spitting, use as sheet toppers (put one under baby's head in case of spit up, have one for when feeding. They wash and dry so easily. Tesco sell them cheaply as do Mothercare/Boots etc. §  Changing Bag  you can get lovely ones online. Just personal preference but I'd just go for something unisex so DH can head out and about without feeling like he has a handbag! §  Baby washing powder   non biological is recommended  - we used Fairy initially and then Persil. I wash all our clothes in same. §  Baby play mat  it’s a like it or loathe it item I think for babies.  §  Mirror for car essential to see baby. §  Gro Egg To show the temperature in the room. May not be necessary if monitor has this function. Very handy to see the temp esp at night to ensure room isn't too cold or too warm.     Feeding    You will get ready to use formula from hospital with teats so don't have to worry about it there. Dunnes sell SMA Gold bottles with teats ; Tesco used to have the Cow&Gate milk with teats. Usually the hospital shop will sell trays of them too. They are very very very handy for the first while so you don't have to worry about sterilizing or making up bottles correctly. They are also handy to have in changing bag even if you are breastfeeding and out & about.   §  Bottles at least 6 to begin with, and dont bother with too many 4oz bottles, you only get a few weeks out of them  though they are great for water. We have some Dr Browns that were never used if you need to try those – they are v difficult to clean. §  Sterilizer depends on whether you have counter space or not. Microwave one is v portable §  Formula dispenser §  Formula §  Bottle brush     AND/OR §  Breast Pump and storage bags  Honestly I'd wait to see how you got on. Expressing is a pita as you loose all the benefits of being free from bottles and sterilising. Plus unless baby is sick you aren't advised to express until after feeding is established which can be 6wks. §  Breast pads §  Nursing pillow  §  Nursing bras I got bravado one which covered a few sizes for end of pregnancy and then continued using . I got measured in Arnotts at about 38wks and they were spot on.  §  Lansinoh cream best invention ever. Put on after all feeds and whenever you want. Expensive but worth it. §  Nipple shields may or may not be needed so I wouldn't bother getting any. You can get them in Boots later if needed.   If you plan to breastfeed I would just know what bottles and stuff you would like and know where you can get them all. If you don’t have them you won’t be tempted to give up so easily.     Baby Clothes §  Baby Gros and Vests I think I bought 10 to begin with, the best size I found was Next "up to 1 month" its up to 10lbs so not too big or small. Do check each shop as the sizes vary as to what is newborn etc. §  Scratch Mittens  don't bother with. Most babygros have fold down sleeves anyway. §  Bibs divides into two camps. Those who think you cannot have enough. IMO if you are bf you don't need any at all until the dribbling starts.  A packet may be handy initially.  §  Muslin Squares  already sung the praises of these §  Cardigans 1 or 2 are sufficient really §  Snow Suit you may get some as presents but really not needed in Spring/Summer §  Socks   Sock ons are great to keep socks on. We found Gap socks seemed to stay on ok. §  Hats  important for winter babies as they loose so much out heat out of their head but Later babies may get away with just the one. §  Outfits Wait and see what presents you get as most people buy clothes (in pink or blue). I found all the clothes we got was too big - nobody bought for the newborn 0-3months. Then again you may just decide to leave baby in babygros for the first few months. I preferred to change baby into proper clothes (long sleeve tops and leggings).       Baby Kit   Handy to have ready even though most things you cant use until baby is 3 months old, but saves running to a 24 hour chemist in the middle of the night!! Infacol Dummy - may not be needed but handy to have one. Try the Nuk Latex ones esp. if bf Calpol Neurofen Oral Syringes (essential) Bonjella Saline nose Drops/Spray - Sterimar for babies is great Snufflebabe – baby vicks Bulb Syringe for suctioning mucous Baby Thermometer - either Braun or infra-red ones are best Eye Dropper or Medicine Spoon baby nail clippers Hairbrush Comb   If on shopping trip to the North get: Calgel - for teething Gripe Water - not licensed for use in Rep of Ireland.
candypants Posts: 8575
[quote="justwed09":293lz8on]heres one for the hospital bag i foudn on eumom ... 110624.pdf[/quote:293lz8on] That's a great list as so many can be very over whelming. Thanks for that.
adelz Posts: 3088
Wow Pag that is super list well done. Def going copy that and tick off as I go along. :wv
HMB Posts: 459
There's a tick the box list in the back of the mothercare catalogue - the one that you get in store. It's not as exhaustive as the one previously posted but looks like it covers the main things (to my inexperienced eye).