Is there a difference between "dropping" & "engaging"?

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Sunspeckle Posts: 437
Hi, So my OB had confirmed in my 38 week appointment that the baby is fully engaged. I'm carrying very high and everyone keeps telling me I haven't dropped yet! Which in my mind I have because I've had confirmation the baby is still engaged. Its really beginning to annoy me! I even tired to get measured today in mothercare and again I was told there was no point because I hadn't dropped! So I've come to the conclusion that "dropping" and "engaging" are two different phases? Is that right? If not, it just means I'm carrying high. I've also been told I'm having a "good size" baby. I was measuring 40 weeks at 38! It's my first and I would have had good muscle tone in my stomach pre pregnancy. I'm also tall. All reasons, I've been told why you carry high.. Let me know your thoughts? Was hoping things would kick off this weekend :hyper: but sick of being told I haven't dropped!!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Engaged is a technical term, dropping is not. Generally when the bead engages your bump "drops" and rather than measuring what you should, you measure less because baby's head is now in the pelvis. I wouldn't worry, if you've been told by midwife/doc that it's engaged then that's that...don't listen to anyone else, because you're tall, you have a longer abdomen, so measurements where probably always a bit off..
CherylC Posts: 1071
I agree. Listen to the doctor and no one else! If doc says you're engaged then you are! Dropping is just something people say but it's not a technical term! Hope things happen soon (although be aware you can be engaged for a while - my sister was engaged at 38 weeks and went 12 days over). Although hopefully it'll all happen soon for you. Best of luck.
MrsMcC2013 Posts: 358
I was the same. Consultant said I was engaged but bump never moved down. My little man was real long so he seemed like he never "dropped". Go with what the consultant says. Don't mind anyone else.