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soimarriedanaxemurderer Posts: 932
Last week I was trying to bargain with the venue on price of reception and yesterday they have offered to lower prices e.g. €10 corkage champagne, €8 corkage wine and reduction in bar extension to €450. I guess I'm just worried prices will really drop next year but I guess they will have to pass any savings on to me as it's not till 2010. What do ye think?
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi ya What were the prices first day? Our corkage is é20 for champers and é13 for wine. Bar extension is é450 no budging on that, Maybe get them to put a clause in the contract if prices do drop between now and your wedding you will get the lower one.. Prices for corkage bout average but bar ex is v dear, (in the same boat tho no budging) Where you getting married?
windycity Posts: 2241
I would haggle more!! our corkage is 4 euro .. we started at 10 euro! Haggle more on the basis that another venue on the same day is offering lower corkage >:o)
ms mop 2010 Posts: 92
i would haggle a bit more. i done this with me hotel two weeks ago and ended up saving 6,000 on my food. big big difference plus i got a few extras free. i compared there prices to another four star hotel and threatened to cancel and they matched everything the other hotel was offering.. i was over the moon :o)ll :o)ll
shersmay10 Posts: 319
corkage is about average but the bar extension is very dear, i think the government only charge 325 so i'd find out what it is and ask then where they are getting the other 125 from?? They will be making enough from you and your guests .
soimarriedanaxemurderer Posts: 932
yeah i think my mate actually got away with no paying any bar extension in the same venue but then I heard someone say if you don't pay the bar extension the venue will just bump up the price of drink. Do I really need a bar extension? It's the stupidest thing I have ever hear of. Thank you all so much for the imput. It's a great idea about putting in a clause that they will pass on any drops in price. I will continue to haggle. We haven't paid a deposit yet sooooo...we're going to see another place too
Doll Face Posts: 3721
I got my corkage down from 12e to 6e and my bar extention down to 240e id haggle till your blue in the face ............
soimarriedanaxemurderer Posts: 932
we got a great deal from another hotel but the one i want isn't budging in price