is this a scam?

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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i seen a cream 2003 mini cooper for sale on this morn for €4,250. no tel number so i sent an email. got an email back from girl explaining her job has finished in ireland & is moving back to uk. when i looked up advert on its gone. bit weird? is it some sort of scam to get peoples email addresses or something?
thebride09 Posts: 44
I have been thinking the same. I saw an advert for a 08 Golf for €4k on carzone. Emailed the guy to see if it was correct and also got an email about moving to Uk and not being able to afford the registration over there. I couldnt find it on carzone anymore either so I asked him to send on all the details again and he went on about the car being in some warehouse and he could ship it over to me and id have 5 days to decided whether i wanted it or not. All i had to do was pay half the delivery charge. He wanted my name, address and contact number. I drew the line then and didnt contact him anymore. Theres no way that is right.
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
god thats weird! this is the girls email "Hi there, the car is still available for the price of 4.250 EUR and that I am awfully sorry for the late reply. The car is in excellent overall condition, never involved in an accident.The car is still Irish registered. I worked in Ireland for 2 years and the company i worked for was disolved and i had to move back to UK. [b:15eel4g0]I am selling it for this price because the UK registration taxes are to expensive for me[/b:15eel4g0]. Please get back to me."
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
About a year ago hubby and I were both trying to sell our cars-more him than me. We got about five emails back about my car, a 1.4 Mazda and they were a total scam. Why would someone offer MORE than the asking price or ask you to forward half the money for shipping. My car is half the price over in the UK, so why would someone bother buying a dearer car. We also got a couple of emails from Finland saying the same sort of rubbish. So I rang Carzone and told them, they said yes they sounded like a scam DUH! So I emailed all the people and said that I had informed Carzone about my suspicions that it was a scam and that I had forwarded thier email address' to the Garda and Carzone. Funnily enough, we didn't get anymore emails after that!! If it sounds iffy, then it usually is, go by your gut feelings as they're always right
thebride09 Posts: 44
The email i got was the exact same only it was from a guy. I would be wary of stuff like that. I think from now on I will be looking at local private sales or legitimate dealers. Theres no way i would give out my personal details.
Kermette Posts: 924
I would say that these cars are more than likely stolen or have been involved in an accident. If looking for a bargain car I would suggest going to the auctions for repossed cars. Usually the banks just want to cut their losses adn sell them for considerably less. There are a few of these auctions in Dublin as far as I know but I don't know exactly where
neeov Posts: 4256
they offer more than the asking price, send a cheque, get you to agree to refund down to the asking price by sending them a cheque and then theirs bounces. old overpayment scam
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Watch out ladies, those are definitely scams. Next thing is you will be asked to send money by Western Union and poof the car will disappear into thin air. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Similar one here on (not exactly the same story but there are several versions doing the rounds):
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
thanks girls! was v suspicious when i couldnt find the car on the website again! think im better off going through a garage. :thnk :thnk :thnk
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
A girl in work got that same kinda email - total scam!!!