Is this beauty supply site credible?

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bosshogg Posts: 159
Hi, Saw a reference to (ie) on a beauty blog and checked them out for salon size hair treatments. (I'm going back to blond after going dark brown on a whim a few months back and my hair is getting very dry from the highlight process. ) Anyhow, their site looks a little amateur (just it's design really) and I wondered if anyone here purchased from them and how you found them ? Wouldn't use credit card unless I was certain they're the real thing.
North Star Posts: 137
Ive used it in the past and had no problems. Only thing is, the products are shipped from China so I got caught for custom tax with my last order. Have changed to EU based sites since.
bosshogg Posts: 159
Thanks ticklemeelmow, I'll avoid that so! Would you mind letting me know what alternative site Eu based you use now? I'm mostly looking for Kerastese products.
North Star Posts: 137
For Kerastese I used - it was a while ago so not sure how good their prices are now.
palliewollie Posts: 295 and are also good for kerastase :wv
bosshogg Posts: 159
Thanks girls !
premierbride12 Posts: 17
Hi I used always use for buying makeup - as I can't top up on MAC unless I get to Dublin Cork or Limerick BT - with Twin boys thats not ver often these days!!! I started using for all my makeup recently and find them great - no postage and things arrive within 5 days.
newbie37 Posts: 12
Premier bride12, just to let you know MAC in brown Thomas Dublin will take phone orders, 6euro postage , if u ever got stuck ! I only discovered this lately, so it's handy if u can't get near a BTs!!