Hi girls, just want to see if this sounds like BH to some of you. I was told its not as common for first pregnancies, but can still happen. My understanding of Braxton Hicks is that is was cramping on and off, tightening and loosening of your tummy etc. Well I'm at 34 weeks or thereabouts, and have had a constant dull, menstural like ache in my lower back and lower abdinmon (sp) region since yesterday morning. I cant tell if my stomach is hardening on and off because its always hard. I dont think theres been change in that sense. Plus I dont think these pains are that on and off, like with real period pains, I dont know if its going away or if I'm just getting use to the pain being there in the background. I'm not in agony but its mildly uncomfortable and very like period cramps. I thought it might have been that I needed to use the toilet or that I'd trapped wind but I dont think thats what it is. I'll see out of curiousity what responses you girls give. If I still have it by lunch tomorrow I'll phone my local nurse for a quick chat. Its probably nothing. :wv