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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi, ran into my local chemist today to get prescription and when in there I noticed they had baby items on sale, some being 6 advent bottles starter pack reduced to €15.99 and the advent steriliser reduced from €55 - €35.....Just wondering is this good value, cuz if it is I might pick up next wk when over 12 wks! The excitement :o0
2ndBaby Posts: 260
First and foremost... Congratulations! :stork: Secondly, I do think that is good value One thing though.... Mothercare have regular sales, and I have seen sterilizers and bottles down to half price (I got mine in a sale). i can't remember what half price equates to, or if it would be better value than what you saw in your chemist. But there will be bargains to be had on everything you need over the coming months, you just need to watch for them. If you watch things closely enough throughout your pregnancy, you should never really have to pay full price for anything!
adelz Posts: 3088
Thank you very much, that is out exact plan, keep eyes open and pick up what we see is good value and on sale etc etc. Cant wait to start :compress
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Which size bottles were they? In realtion to the steriliser as OP said Mothercare regularly do half prices sales. So do Boots and Smyths. I got the Tommee Tippee steriliser last year in Boots for €25.
adelz Posts: 3088
I dont know what size they were, the pack just said new born starter pack I think, should I be looking for particular sizes?? O only you said that now I wouldn't have a clue. I just looked at an old post I put up and seen where I had seen the advent microwave steriliser for 20e in tk maxx, had completely forgotten about that, must see if they still have it! Sur that would be the bottles and steriliser for €35! :wv
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
congratulations :o)ll supervalu do deals on baby things aswell from time to time. I got an advent microwave sterliser for €15 and I got the starter bottle kit in dunnes for 12.99 so they're good prices, you'll get bargains just keep a look out. its so exciting buying all the stuff.
applette10 Posts: 251
If it's new born it's probably the small 4oz bottles. You will prob use them for the first few months alright. The sterilsers like others have said can be got for about 20 euro. Microwave ones seem to be the business ;-) Oh the excitement is right!!! :stork: :stork:
adelz Posts: 3088
Thats great thanks so so much, I def going to buy a little treat at wkend making the 12 wk mark :o0 Best of luck to all you too :xox