Is this normal or rude or what!!???

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cookies_gal Posts: 450
H2B's cousin sent back RSVP saying yes to her, huby & child. We didn't invite child so just said no kids but the ones in wedding party. That was ok. But then we got word back they weren't coming. She is pregnant and said she didn't feel up to it. (Wedding not for over 3 weeks) FMIL was going on and on about her going as she only has a small family. Yesterday they were going to come to afters - but we are not having afters and meal wont finish till 10ish so we said why don't you come down to venue next day for a catch up as we're staying 2 nights. Now they are going but just to meal not church and leaving after meal. I have never met this woman or her hubby - I just think the most important part is the church and vows and atmosphere in church and they are turning up to be fed just to show their faces!!
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
Plain Rude! I hate people who delibertly miss the church and just go for the meal/entertainment! but i think you have to realise they and others will do that and no matter how special the church part is for you, others just wont share your enthusasim about it. Sounds like a pretty dull crew so wont add much to the day anyway - as for the kid issue, absolutely no way and they should be told
Milla Posts: 27
Yep, I agree. That is just rude... It is your day so whatever you want goes. Don't let somebody you don't even know make you feel bad or change how you want your day to be. Let them come the next day instead...
cookies_gal Posts: 450
Thanks girls I am sooo excited about a million other things so won't let this get to me - I'm just a very upfront person and feel like saying.....get over yourselves don't feel obliged to come I don't know you and only invited you to shut the FMIL up!! :o0 :o0 Just raging i have to pay for their meals and fit them into the table plan I perfected earlier today!!!
superbunty Posts: 31
my aunt who i rarely see is staying with her friends in galway for my wedding...and has invited them to the afters of my wedding-i was raging!! the cheek of it >:o( i dont know these people at all!!!) is this only the beginning of the rudeness-i hope there is not more to come :eek