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only deadly Posts: 491
Hi ladies, I am so happy about my BFP but for some reason I so scared of m/c when I was pg with my son years ago I was so young and it never entered my head at all but now because of the cramps and stitch I have I keep legging it to the loo to check ...what the hell is wrong with me I know from reading threads that the cramp and the stitch like pain is the stretching .. mine is mostly on left hand side is taht ok ? Ah god I dont know I think I just a fruit cake and have to stop thinking bout it ... Thanks for letting me Rant !!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
It is quite normal to feel this way. Try not to dwell on it too much.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'm the exact same... only for my constant MS, heartburn and chronic tiredness.. I have an EPU visit tomorow which hopefully will put my mind at ease. Since the day i got my BFP I check the toiled paper after EVERY wipe!
only deadly Posts: 491
ah thanks so much for the replies I just googled left pain early pregnancy and loads came up about it been normal so happy days feel alot better JEIDI best of Luck tmrw let us know how u get on .,. xx
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
only deadly i hear ya!!! i am scared to bits when i think about being pregnant and having a m/c. This is my first pregnancy ever so the worry is something else. So when i feel worried about m/c i take a deep breath and put my hand on my tummy and say "hang in there" and breath in positive thoughts and out with negative one!!! It's so early days too so just have to know that it's all up to the powers that be!!! i have no control over it only that i can be as healthy and positive as i can be.
norahbean Posts: 17
Hi Onlydeadly, I'm exactly the same as you. I'm checking myself everytime I go to the loo. I have AF type cramps on & off for the last few days, the nurse in my doc's office said it was perfectly normal. I also have a lot of CM (sorry TMI) but googled ithat plus the cramps yesterday and also looked it up on the VHI website and it is all normal so as Mrs.Moneypenny says best thing to do is take a deep breath, rub your tummy and think positive! Wishing you lots of good times ahead with your little one :wv
moojunior Posts: 31
totally with you all about nerves and wiping, my pains are on the left as well which got me thinking: Stupid question but here it goes, where exacty is the baby? I know in my tummy but where in there? I had a little tubbly belly anyway so i cant see any changes. moo junior
kala Posts: 1937
the baby in early pregnancy is found in the pubic area ie around your pubic bone and it will eventually move up as the pregnancy progresses. ie your uterus starts moving up so baby is well protected in there at the moment. if you were to listen to babys heart beat thats the region you go ie just above your hairy bits- sorry tmi but just trying to pin point the exact location so you know where i'm on about. HTH.# XXXkala
moojunior Posts: 31
Thanks, Thats exactly what i wanted to know. So baby is actually quite low down. (in other words no where near my jelly belly, ah well i guess thats just blubber but i will be baby blubber soon enough!) Thanks again Moo Junior
Its Me Posts: 1788
I'm the same too. The constant feeling that I'm going to be sick is helping but alas today I did not feel as sick so cue start to worry again :-8