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darver07 Posts: 116
I got my BFP last tuesday and have appointment booked with dr on Friday morning to confirm. I feel queasy in the morning, tender boobs and really tired. But yesterday I noticed a tiny bit of a pinkish discharge around lunch time and same again today at lunchtime but a bit more and nothing since. Feeling quite concerned about this today, did any of ye get this, I'm hoping its the norm and not what I'm fearing it could be as both myself and hubbie are so excited.
Wolaholic Posts: 477
It sounds fairly harmless so try not to worry. Mention it to your doctor when you go in on Friday and if he/she is concerned you may be referred for an early scan. I had bleeding like that a few weeks ago and then darker brown blood again this week and had scans after both and baby is fine. I think I'm going to be one of those people who 'get their period the whole way through' so if I hadn't done a test it might have popped out in the loo some day when I was totally unawares :o0 :o0 You are getting all the symptoms of a normal healthy pregnancy so it probably just the egg implanting or maybe it's from dtd :-8 There are loads of reasons why there might be blood. My gp said that the nerve endings down there are very tender and the cervix is softening etc. Good luck and all the best for a healthy and happy nine months!
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
When I went for my first appointment, my doctor said not to worry about spotting unless it was accompanied by heavy cramps in the lower abdomin. Very hard not to worry though, hopefully it'll work out ok for you!
darver07 Posts: 116
Thanks girls, I'm feeling relieved now, so much better, all I could think of is how could I thell DH as he is so excited. I'm sure the dr will answer all my questions on Firday.
Wolaholic Posts: 477
Yes really try not to worry, as long as you do not have awful cramping and heavy bleeding all is ok!