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Sheesh Posts: 1129
I'm not sure if this is normal or not, so I said I'd find out here. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon anyway just for a check and to find out about my iron. My issue is this: For the last 4 or 5 days I'm having really bad period pains. They have been so bad that they are waking me up. I spent all of yesterday on the couch. I'm ok sitting down mostly, but when I stand up, I get the pains in my back, and across my stomach. I had a scan last Wednesday and the baby is head down. I was thinking that maybe she's (it's a girl!!) moving down further and that this is the cause of the pain. I haven't had any vomiting or anything with these pains. Hopefully someone can give me some reassurance. O:o)
CestMoi Posts: 2162
She could be lying on a nerve or it could be braxton hicks (or both) With DS his head was down really low for a long time, and I felt pressure and couldn't lift my leg very far up. Made getting into trousers difficult, I had to put my foot into the leg of the trousers on the floor and try and pull them up around my legs while sitting on the bed. Just saying that it effects us all differently, but lucky your going to see the doctor today. Mention to them and explain how you can't stand up without pain. They might just recommend that you rest up more for your last few weeks.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I've had more and more period type pains in the past week or so! As you're going to the Dr today definitely mention it but it's most likely your body starting to get ready for the main event! I started getting noticable ones around 30-odd weeks - baby head down since 22+ weeks!
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Thanks for the replies ladies. I've just had a shower and the pains have subsided. Hopefully everythings ok, I'll still get it checked over with the doctor though! O:o)
delighted2011 Posts: 49
Hi Sheesh, I read somewhere that for some women BH contractions can feel like period pain. I've been getting period pain type cramps on and off for the last week or so very noticeably - I'm 33 weeks at the moment. I've been putting it down to BH's, so would be very interested to see what your doc says to you :)
Sheesh Posts: 1129
Hi delighted2011, Well I went to the doc and he told me that what I had were Braxton Hicks. I've also got a kidney infection, which he said added to the pain. There's nothing I can do with the BH but I got antibiotics for the infection, which I hope will take the edge off the pain. O:o)
delighted2011 Posts: 49
Hi Sheesh Thanks for the update! :wv Sorry to hear you have a kidney infection - hopefully the antibiotics will clear that up pronto!. Glad to hear that the other pains are just down to plain ol' Braxton Hicks :compress We will be well able for the real thing so when it comes along - hahaha :wv