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blushing b2b Posts: 288
Hi Girls Let me start by say ing i am 9 weeks pregnant woth 1st baby and both myself and DH after delighted. I have seen my doctor twice since we found out and on neither occasion has she done her own test to confirm pregnancy or has she done any blood tests. Is this normal??? On my last visit she said she was doing the letter to refer me to hospital for scan and letter for midwife and that was it.......should the doc have done any tests at this stage or is it the midwife that normally does them???
coconuts Posts: 213
Hi I have been once to the GP and it was the same. I asked though if I could give a pee sample to confirm and I left it in downstairs. No word back yet and no word about the hospital appointment either.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I had two different gps for my pregnancies and neither of them did a test to confirm I was pregnant. My first gp actually laughed when I asked him to as I had done three myself already. He said his were only the same thing..... Congrats....
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi BlushingB2B, we must be twins, I'm 9 weeks and a few days too, due on Sept 10. I've been to my GP once, and that time he gave me a letter for the hospital and I rang them and got an appt for my first visit and scan at 13 weeks. I'm public in the Rotunda, I think it's different in every hospital though. My Dr. didn't do any blood test either but he said you've done 3 pregnancy tests so that's fine! I'm due to go back to my Dr again tomorrow week so I'll see what he does then. It seems to vary vastly from Dr. to Dr. and hospital to hospital though. HTH
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I would have thought the doc would automatically do a test, sure anyone could walk in and say they were pregnant!
blushing b2b Posts: 288
thanks girls for your replies - i guess that i was just worried that the doc wasnt doing what she was meant to be doing...... tigletts - i am due on spet 14th so nearly twins!!!!!!!!!!
bibikay Posts: 644
[quote="KwsWife":21ax2wsy]I would have thought the doc would automatically do a test, sure anyone could walk in and say they were pregnant![/quote:21ax2wsy] Course they could... just like anyone can walk in and say they have a headache... or a dicky tummy... or a pain in their big toe.... or that they twisted their back..... Can't imagine that the risk of someone walking in pretending they were pregnant is very high...What would be gained from someone walking in saying that sure?? And there would be no danger from the docs pov, 'cos it's not like s/he would put the patient on unnecessary medicine or anything. Teh tests in the doc's is quite often just exactly the same as the HPTs, so it could be seen as a waste of money to duplicate the tests.....
Tigletts Posts: 2904
[quote="KwsWife":p99mnj19]I would have thought the doc would automatically do a test, sure anyone could walk in and say they were pregnant![/quote:p99mnj19] Why would you though?!
mammybean Posts: 10364
no doc didnt do a test on me any time. said the chemist tests are better than theirs anyway
Ducky Posts: 2506
The retesting doesn't surprise me, but not taking blood does as they need to know your blood type, whether you are Rhesus neg, rubella immunisation levels, and check for hepititis and HIV. Unless you did these blood tests before getting preg for some reason? If not, I would be asking why, as the first thing on your chart after your name is your blood type