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gniddew Posts: 276
i decided last week to keep an eye on my weight to make sure that i was keeping it at a healthy level. the thing is this morning, same time and same amount of clothes on i weighed myself and i LOST 7 pounds. Normally I would be over the moon about this but shouldn't I be putting on weight when i am pg not losing it. if it was 1 or 2 pounds i wouldn't be so worried but this is half a stone! any advice??
oirish Posts: 1541
A lot of people loose weight in early pregnancy, all your excess energy will be going to form the new little person, as long as your diet is ok I wouldn't be too worried, maybe mention it to the doc ?
jen2 Posts: 3106
On my DS i lost about 5lbs during the first few weeks, and was expecting twins. Doctor told me not to worry. But if you are worried jsut say it to your doctor. It mgith put your mind at ease. Jen2
NotHere Posts: 10273
I lost weight in the first few weeks also. I think it's a combination of no alcohol, going off chocolate and in general not eating as much crap because of feeling sick all the time.
Mrs March Posts: 175
I lost half a stone in the early weeks which I've now regained, so now I'm exactly the same weight as I was when I first became pregnant. I was carrying "a little holiday weight" as Ross in friends used to say and I'm glad I was cos it meant I didn't go to skin and bone. My GP wasn't worried as long as I kept my fluid intake up. As someone said, the no drinking thing must have an impact and I didn't touch chocolate for the first 12 weeks (making up for it now!). Good luck with everything. :wv