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anon74 Posts: 4
Hi all, going anon for this. I got a BFP over the weekend and went to see the doctor today. He didnt do a pregnancy test, all he did was take my blood pressure and fell my stomach a bit. Is this all he should do??? He gave me forms for combined care and that was it. Should I change doctors??? This is my first (and unexpected) pregnancy so I havent a clue what is normal.
benny313 Posts: 821
No this is the norm, I did'nt even get that done, no test, no blood pressure was just given the forms thats it, and she shoock my hand and said congrats. There is not alot they can do anyway, their pregnancy tests are not as sensitive as ours so they don'y normally do one if you got a positive already. So congrats and enjoy the next few months :o)ll :o)ll
Bright Star Posts: 756
my dosc did a PG test as well, asked 101 Q's and gave me my EDD. Did BP, weight, height & felt tummy!! :wv
anon74 Posts: 4
Thanks for the replies. Am starting to get excited now. Cant believe I am pregnant :ooh Is there anything else I should know? Have bought books and am about to start going through them
Babystar Posts: 195
Congrats anon. That is very normal. My doc didn't do a pregnancy test either (the chemist ones are better than theirs!) - just took blood pressure and chatted to me about what not to eat etc. One thing to think about is which hospital you want to go to. You are best to give them a call as soon as you decide as then you will get in quicker for appointments etc. Also decide if public/ semiprivate or private (lots of discussions on here about that). Private fills up particularly quickly. The books and this board should give you all the info you need.
anon74 Posts: 4
Thanks Babystar. Now have to decide where to have the baby........