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Miki Posts: 309
Im not pregnant, but trying - and this is only an enquiry! A friend of mine just had a section in Mount Carmel, she said it was her choice. I'm just wondering - is it really that easy. Can you say to your consultant from day one 'I want a section'. I really didn't think it was that simple, especially if you have a healthy pregnancy. I know money talks, and I know it is possible in England. Does anyone know if this is true - in Ireland?
aliennation Posts: 386
I think that in the likes of Mount Carmel you can do and get what you like, a bit like that Portland Hospital... basically if your paying a shite load of money you can do what you like.
Soledad Posts: 3
AS far as I am aware you can not opt for an elective c-section in Ireland. Why would you choose an operation when you can give birth naturally and recover much faster?
bride. Posts: 3014
I think that technically you cannot elect a c-section but if you are going privately to Mt Carmel and you state your case in such a way and you would really prefer to have one, they will do it. My sister had no medical reason for a c-section but she was terrified of birth (I know, who isn't) but she was hugely stressed over it, not sleeping etc and they said fine you can have one. In the end, she did it naturally and was glad to have done it that way.
Sart Posts: 441
why oh why oh why oh why would you "elect" to have a section? they are unbelievably traumatic to the body giving it no chance to 'naturally' get over the birthing process. Nature designed pregnancy to happen in a sequence, part of which is the whole hormonal release at labour. if you interupt this process, you interrupt the natural flow and healing process. I completly understand that some sections are emergency and have to be carried out for the health of mother and / or child but why anyone would choose to do this is beyond me. [i:2g5ljdar]slowley steps off her horse and backs away......[/i:2g5ljdar]
Minxie Posts: 884
ok, thats all fine but if you go for the "elective" c section, it is 100% covered by your vhi (as its surgery) but if you have a "normal" birth, you then have to pay the balance on your vhi which is a couple of grand I believe (this is Mount Carmel only). Welcome to Irish medicine in practice ladies. I used to always, always go the elective route but I heard they completely cut your stomach muscles and you can't feel anything around there for ages or indeed stand up properly. Its also hard to lift things including your new bundle of joy. I know on MM, they would tell you, you are a terrible mother for being so selfish that you would do this and not lift your child. I just think it sounds really harsh to recover from so I'm hoping to do it the regular way, through the crown jewels as someone recently put it... :shock: :lol:
Dcd Posts: 1471
I have had 3 sections. 2 emergency and 1 elective(well semi elective cus she decided to arrive earlier than planned anyway :lol: ) They won't let you go through labour if you've already had 2 sections so hence the elective. But I can't understand why anyone would voluntarily go through a section :? The recovery period is so much longer, I was so jealous of the Au Naturale mammies flying about the place the following morning and me buzzing the nurse for dose of voltarol to help me get up to my baby! My last section was a year ago, and I'm STILL numb! I still don't think I've recovered fully to be honest. If I could have chosen NOT to have a section safely, then I would have!
boobtube Posts: 307
been there done that ... emergency section but no matter what way you look at it it was a section, was painful after, took an awful long time to receover and WOULD NOT recomend to anyone to go ahead and request it because they were "afraid" of birth. We are all afraid and its no party. I was enduced and spent 9 hours in the throws of labour on the oxitocin drip which gave seriously strong contractions and I tell you what, I would rather that for another 12 hours than go through another section. I am praying that my next please god, will be a Vag. Birth because you see all other mammies walking around ok they might have a sore front bum etc... but they do get over it more easliy compared to a 6 week before you can drive etc... sure isnt that what you want to do .. show off your new bundle to the world and its mother!!?? Your walking around with your new best friend,, a morphine drip, strong packet pain killers, a stiched tummy with staples like franc..... arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh see it was 2 years ago and I am still raw!!! :shock: On the other side of things, it was an emergency so Now, to be honest I was driving at 4 weeks :oops: :oops: because I am just that type of person and I cant be tied down for too long but it was very uncomfortable...... and i was lucky that I didnt have an infection in my scar either. some people do.. I am not too sure that I agree with MM slating people for not picking up babies etc... ????? personally, I had my baby as soon as I went down to the ward and fed her myself and continued to bf for the rest of the week... but I could pick her up.. Hope I havent scared you but hope that I have made you see that being too posh to push aint such a fairy tale girls.......... Hope I didnt sound too harsh Honesly I didnt mean to be but I would hate anyone to go private just for the hope of the section because we are all afraid of labour or even just anxious xxxxxxxx
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
[quote:1b6nqssa]Your walking around with your new best friend,, a morphine drip, strong packet pain killers, a stiched tummy with staples like franc..... [/quote:1b6nqssa] Ouch, that brings back memories. :lol: The drip on the wheels for the first day or two because you couldn't carry the bag, being hunched over all the time, arms crossed over your stomach lest someone brush off it. The most horrible thing happened to me when I was coming back to the ward - think it was day 3. After a section there's a hard board put on your hospital bed in between the frame and the mattress. Well, I came back from my shower that morning and went to sit on the bed and the nurses had removed the board, which meant when I sat down I sank further than I would have. This wouldn't be noticeable if you hadn't had a section, but my GOD, the f*ckin' PAIN boy!!! Unreal.......... And then getting the stitches out a few weeks later, hadn't the skin grown over one of them. I actually took most of them out myself before I went back to the hospital so terrified was I of going back. AAArrrrgghghg..........ouchie ouch.........oohh......... On my first section they used dissolvable stitches which were great, but apparantly they stopped using those after.........oh actually I won't go there in case there are any really squeamish people reading this. :lol:
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Interesting reading ladies,never knew they won't let you have a natural birth after 2 c-sections