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nwhite Posts: 216
I am about 12 weeks pregnant first scan on Tuesday everything going well no moring sickness absolutely nothing. But on monday after my breakfast i was really sick vomiting. Then it passed and i was fine. Then again this monring after breakfast. I have weetabix and toast nothing out of the ordinary. I think it is smells that make me vomit. I am feeling a bit weird now tummy not great. Is this very strange now at 12 weeks to be sick when i wasn't sick not once.
AliceB Posts: 495
I know the books say these things wear off at 12 weeks but I found that things rarely go by the books when babies are concerned. I was sick right up till about the 20wk mark (worst until 16weeks) so it isn't uusual at all (going by girls at work too) to feel sick after initial 12 weeks. Best of luck wityh everything and congrats on this milestone. Enjoy first scan too!
dreamer Posts: 3941
Heya Everybody is different. I was only sick for about 3-4 weeks at the start. Then I was fine. Now at 24 weeks I am very sensitive to food smells. I could gag at the drop of a hat!!!!
dpotter Posts: 179
i only started getting sick at 11 weeks, it was horrible, and all day long for a few weeks..... everyone is different..... :eek