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S0phia Posts: 367
I dont normally let rip off Ireland bother me but i am soooo annoyed about this! O:| Found this website and after two hours of excitement ordered a fab pair of white jeans and a wrap top :o)ll ....or so i thought! was doing all in USD as i didnt know there was a EU site until it came to delivery page...there was only the option to choose a US State...crap i thought they must deliver here, its an English company....oh and they do! there is a button before you confirm payment that lets you switch to the EU site...except when i looked at the total - my $249 was now €260 - HOW THE HELL CAN IT COST MORE IN EURO! :hic its €100 in the difference!!! i expected to pay shipping but €100!! needless to say i didnt order.. ok rant over...and rant aside the clothes are fab, i'm whiney now for the evening coz i wont have my lovely white flared jeans in 5-7 working :weep
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
OMG thats crazy 249 dollars should only be like 180 euros'ish...i dont blame you for not ordering them in the end...thats crazy
mariac Posts: 982
why dont you email them and see if they would honour the dollar price - thats crazy
OhBaby Posts: 16
Could it be that VAT has to be added if you're baed in the EU? 21% VAT would add an extra $52 onto the US price, so that could explain it.
bride. Posts: 3014
The delivery charge is whopping as well. I ordered a gorgeous wrap dress from Ebay instead.
Aqua Posts: 198
I had a look at those prices, jesus, they are very expensive for maternity clothes!
Tess72 Posts: 1173
If you want to get even more annoyed try shopping on the UK version of the site and you'll feel even more ripped off. I actually mailed them about this saying that I felt ripped off because items were costing approx €20 more per item in euros as opposed to sterling. They replied and said the prices were fixed several mths ago and the euro has been stronger lately and this was the reason for the big discrepency. I wasn't satisfied with this response to be honest. One tip is apply for a free catalog before you order anything. They'll send you a free catalog and with it you get a code for 15% off purchases worth over €125. That takes the sting out of it a little. The stuff is great quality but yes it is expensive and if you have to return anything it'll cost ya about 12 quid with registered post. A word of warning about the wrap tops - they're quite awkward to put on cos the wraps are really, really long. There's just loads of material in them and once it's wrapped and down over my bump if I need to go to the loo I sort of have to move them up a bit and then down again when I'm finished and if you don't have a camison on inside it's easy enough to expose a strip of flesh. I bought 5 of them and I'm finding them awkward to wear to be honest. I also bought the palazzo jeans, I'm normally a size 12 so I got a size 3 and they were stuck to me around the bum so I sent them back. I'd be nervous buying jeans again without trying them on first. Todau I got a lovely pair of Noppies jeans from Bump and Beyond in Swords for under €100 quid and a nice pair of combats in Mothercare for just €40. So two pairs for less than the price the jeans from Isabella Oliver.
S0phia Posts: 367
thxs for the tip Tess! i was browing ebay last night and see you can pick up 7 for all mankind jeans for about 80 so i might just try on some styles in BT's and then order them...still too annoyed about IO prices to order from them!