Island of Maderia

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Bride27/08/10 Posts: 156
Hi Woolies Have any of you being to the above...we are hoping to go just after Christmas for a belated honeymoon.....after looking up winter sun on the internet this is the only place that I liked the look of and affordable.....would love some info on it as never heard much about it before. Thanks xx
kenzie70 Posts: 80
Hey there, I was in Madiera about 4 years ago. I wouldn't recommend it for a honeymoon. Definately more for the blue rinse brigade. I was there with a work thing so not a holiday. I thought it was very quiet, and theres no real beach. Just a kind walkway thing along the coast. My mam & dad also went for a week and they thought it was realy quiet. Sending u a pm too!!!!
scott08 Posts: 29
hi there, I went to Madeira on a school trip about ten years ago now and the place has always stuck in my mind and i deffo plan to return again some day. my aunt was there year before last and she loved it also. it's a gorgeous little island just north of the canaries. capital is Funchal, the botanical gardens are fabulous and you just gotta take a taboggan ride down the experience and a half! as the island is so small it's ideal to travel around however have your wits about you if you decide to travel around any of the mountainous areas! i stayed in a little fishing village on the south of the island called ribeira brava and it's just beautiful. from funchal you can take a boat ride over to porto santo a little island about 30 min away. as i remember it there was a beautiful long stretch of golden sand, a lovely beach which is in contrast with madeira as it only has rocky beaches but some great natural sea water pools. i really hope the place hasn't changed too much since i was there. hope this is of some help to you. have a great time if you decide to go!