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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Hey all, I have a question re this base, I was onto Tony Kealy's ordering the above and they asked me about my car which is a 2004 Opel Vectra and they told me even with the base I would have to use a seat belt, has anyone else to do this???, im confused :duh:
funkyfish Posts: 7626
the easy fix base can be use on an isofix in your car and if the car doesn't have isofix it can be used with the seat belt.
babyforus Posts: 1619
Hey. For the last three weeks I've been meaning to check if my car has the isofix thingies. But I think they mean if your car has the little clips you can click the base in. If not, you'll have to secure it with a seat beat. You'd only need to do this the once though as you won't be opening the seat belt/removing the base. HTH Now, I need to go buy these too. Gah so behind. Bag still isn't packed as I'm nightie-less still!
nomla Posts: 787
[quote="babyforus":2ka1z9mv] Bag still isn't packed as I'm nightie-less still![/quote:2ka1z9mv] meet your sister
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
i think i read somewhere that isofix became standard in cars AFTER 2007, could be wrong though
mandibee Posts: 305
Hi Girlies I work in a garage and i personally have found that the majority of cars come with Isofix as standard from 2005 onwards. If you have a look at the back seat of your car, down low (where your bum would be) near the door (on either side), there is usually a little isofix symbol sewn onto the seat (like a little button). Its a standard little symbol and ive seen it in the same place in most make & models I just read that back, I hope it makes sense!!! Happy Car Seat Purchasing!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Thanks girls :thnk think I understand it all now, mandibee dh is gonna head out now and have a look in the car for me now xx
nomla Posts: 787
[url:2vkh54pv][/url:2vkh54pv] I think this link will help you figure out if your car has it; differnet countries brought it in a different times
funkyfish Posts: 7626
[quote="MrsB1982":8ep42s1c]i think i read somewhere that isofix became standard in cars AFTER 2007, could be wrong though[/quote:8ep42s1c] not 100% on that one... German cars like my Dh's audi have it as an extra... O:| O:| O:|
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Would you believe the car does have them despite what the maxi cosi site is saying, so all that panic over nothing O:| O:|