Ist visit to the nurse .............. disaster!! (Long rant)

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tipp Posts: 275
So off I went to the nurse bottle of pee in paw, very organised I thought, eventully got called in she asked had I all "my bits" with me. So I proudly placed my specimen bottle on the desk & She FREAKED out. Saying it should be on the sink too many germs,..... bla bla bla...Anyway we got over this little hurdle after she disinfected the area(was morto) & she asked for my book. I pointed out I didnt have one & didnt know what she was talking about as it's my first baby & 1st visit to her & again wentshe off on a rant saying she hoped my paperwork was done as she wasnt doing it , it wasnt her job... Bla Bla Bla... Now at this stage I was going to leave as she told me she was having such a stressful day she would need the dr. herself soon :eek :eek :eek. So eventully she checks the offending speciment & asks me to read it off the chart as her eyes arent great :eek :eek , I didnt know weather to laugh or cry at this stage, so she goes off looking for GP as she "doesn't like the look of my pee" she then tells the GP I havent been called for a scan & what's the story, so he comes in looking like he's about to kill someone (no doubt pissed off with nursie as she can't make adecision & surgery was mental at the time)asked me if I have been called for a scan & I tell him I'm having one next week, so he leaves happy enough & she gives out o me because I didnt tell her !!!!!!!!WTF the women's a nutter & also looks like joey the lips mother in the commitments!!! :o0 :o0 Sorry for rant but it was a farce but I'm roaring laughing at it now. Anyway rang surgey & told receptionst I wasnt going to her anymore as she is for the birds & I couldn't cope with her for the next 6 months!!! :wv :wv
coconut Posts: 2183
tipp - sorry u had a bad experience but oh my god i am in the pi$$es laughing!! i can imagine sitting there not knowing whether to be laughing or crying :o0 :o0
lastminutebride Posts: 785
Oh, Tipp, I know it was a crap experience but God that's funny :o0 :o0 :o0 And fair play to you for ringing up and telling them your one is a complete nutter!
lisa Posts: 1612
Oh my god, that woman sounds mental. Should she even be working there???
tipp Posts: 275
I don't think she should be working there to be honest. The receptionst told me that the other nurse is on holidays but my "friend" is always there on Wed so I'll be avoiding that like the plauge!! Also the girl I was talking to didnt seem overly surprised at what I was saying about her so maybe thay know the score!!!
Martiespride Posts: 997
she sounds a bit incompetent!!!! probably new, hopefully your next visit will be better. and as for the pee, where in gods name did she train, all nurse come across this everyday. she needs to get over herself or change jobs!!!! god help the doctor with her!
jill80 Posts: 565
OMG - that is nuts!!!! Is that in your GP clinic or in the hospital? You should definitely not go back to her again!!!
silíní Posts: 4219
What a nutbag!!! Ive never met a nurse who is freaked out by a bottle of pee!!!!!! Get rid of her! Can you go to someone else??
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Absolute nutjob!!!!
Vogue Posts: 426
'Joey the lips's mother' :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0