It's hard work being the eldest isn't it?

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Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I'm the eldest. As a child my parents say that I was always looking after my younger brother. I got into a lot of scrapes because he has no sense of responsibility and was always getting into trouble. I always looked out for him. DD1 is like me. She's a worrier by nature. We used to laugh at how cute she was looking after DD3 when and was born, but now DD4 is here it's like there's another mammy in the house. If I'm doing something with DD4, DD1 will distract and play with DD3. She tells me ifher younger sister is doing something she's not supposed to. Ive often heard her telling DD3 not to eat something, or ah-ah etc. If DD4 cries or even whimpers I'm told to get my milk ready to feed her! Or that she tired and needs a nap. She also gets upset if the others cry and she can't stop them. It would all be cute and adorable if it wasn't so tragic. I don't want her thinking about baby needing feeding or crying because I'm in the middle of changing DD3's nappy and DD4 is crying and she can't stop it. It's a huge responsibility for such tiny shoulders. I had hoped she wouldn't be like me. I try explain it all to her but she doesn't get it. Sorry I'm rambling really. Just feel like I wish I could tell her to relax and not worry so much.
delgirl Posts: 1706
oh RQ - try not to worry. I am not sure if it is eldest sydrome your are describing or just that your DD1 is a very nurturing little lady. My DS is the eldest and he too will tell my DD not to do something or warn me if she is heading somewhere where she shouldn't but he is not a worrier nor is he as nurturing :o0 At times he will happily shoo her out of the way to get where he wants. I am the middle in my family of five and I am definately the worrier of the clan. I always am the one that will worry now and help people out when needed - the one people will approach first if they have emotional or financial worries etc. I rarey will trouble my family with any issues of my own I will always sort with hubby first if possible as don't like adding pressure to issues I know are already there for others. I think some children are just nurturing etc but in the same sense she will grow in her own confidence and that will stand to her when she is in school and as an adult. Try not to worry and just make some time for her when you can. My poor DD on the other hand has never had me to herself - it is her I worry about more :o(
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I agree its probably just her personality, I'm the second child and I worry about my siblings to this day and that includes my older brother. Now I find myself worrying about my parents and how they are getting older, I find that very scary. Its just in some people to be worriers/caring more than others..
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
Im the eldest by 19yrs to my siblings (my mams)and by 23yrs to my sister (my dads).... i worry so much about god forbid something happening either parents as i am so much older. I think women are general worriers, i know SIL worries about DH and their brother... DH and his brother dont give a fiddlers! :o0
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
[quote:d6idg0kc]Ive often heard her telling DD3 not to eat something, or ah-ah etc. [/quote:d6idg0kc] Thats so cute :lvs - i wouldnt worry id say she is just loving being the older sister and mammys little helper and feels proud that she is mammys right hand girl.