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oh my goodness Posts: 11
Girls, I am a regular user but am posting this message with a new username cos I have just found out that I am pregnant. Oh my God, I am so so shocked. We are due to get married really soon and we were not planning this and I have NO idea what to do next.. I have made an appointment with my doctor but that's it. I have not been looking after myself, I am scared out of my mind and I was looking back over the terminolgy that some other posters used and I do not know what they mean. I have never felt so confused (but am delighted too!). Can anybody please let me know what I do next, sorry for acting like a total ninny!!
willthiswork Posts: 1995
Congratulations! Ask your doctor what you should do. Start taking folic acid. stop drinking. Get any smoked salmon off your menu!
Soho Posts: 182
Firstly congratulations to you and your H2B. Firstly if you don't take folic acid start taking it straight away, thats the most important thing to do. Besides that your doctor will talk you through everything else when you go for your appointment. You should buy yourself a pregnancy book to explain everything - I got What to Expect when Your Expecting and I find it very good. As for the terms used here don't worry I can't work some of them out myself! Good luck and keep us posted.
snozberry Posts: 1212
Congratulations!!!!!!!! firstly, calm down!!! if you are getting married really soon you should be fine in your dress as it is....and if you dont feel comfortable about people knowing then you wont have to tell them til you are back from honeymoon! ....or you could tell everyone on the day if you wanted to!! Go see your doc who will confirm it and talk to him about which hospital to go to - you probably wont get the appointment at the hosp for a few weeks so after that its just getting used to the idea - and giving up the drink and fags!! might not have the wildest of hen nights but hey who cares??!!
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Fantastic news, congratulations. First thing you do is take a deep breath and relax, you'll be fine. You GP will confirm the pregnancy and your expected due date (EDD) and advise on the different approaches you can take towards medical care during your pregnancy. There are options such as private, semi-p, combined care, public, etc. If you're going to go private then if you don't already have a Gynae get a list from your GPs office or get a recommendation of one from friend/family member. As another poster said, take folic acid starting today and other than that just look after yourself/health generally and of course enjoy the moment, congratulations again and best wishes for healthy pregnancy and healthy little baby.
oh my goodness Posts: 11
thanks so much to the replys. I am sitting at my desk crying now and have this tight feeling in my stomach. I feel totally lost but am seeing the doctor in 2 hours so hopefully she will help me a bit. I started taking Folic Acid about a month ago (as we were only thinking about trying for a baby in about 6 months or so). My mind is all mixed up, but H2B has been great and bought me the book What to Expect when you are Expecting yesterday (was out cold when he came in last night so have not had a chance to even look at it!). The wedding seems unimportant now but it is abroad and I have to fly to it (and the honeymoon too) it okay to fly? I am not sick or anything, just tense and emotional and worried about everything (baby's health, finances etc). On top of that I have had a crazy month (traveling like mad, drinking often, eating periodically and not taking any care of myself) and I am so worried that I have harmed the baby! Yikes, I am a wreck!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Congratulations!! Try not to panic, and don't worry about what you did or didn't eat, and what you did or didn't do / drink, etc. Just start looking after yourself now, and you'll be fine. As regards the flying, there's usually no problems with that - ask your gp to confirm that it's ok. Best of luck :wink:
oh my goodness Posts: 11
just got back from the doctor. It was confirmed that I am 4.5 weeks pregnant and am due on the 27th of December. She helped me loads to calm down, told me what to eat, what not to eat, relaxation and stuff. I am still a bit confused though. According to her, I don't have to see her again for another 6 weeks. Is this normal? I thought it would be much sooner!! She is fully confident that all is fine and told me my first scan would not be until 12-14 weeks? I am a total novice at this but I presumed it would be much earlier.. HELP again please??
clucky Posts: 26471
no that sounds about right - first scan at 12 weeks is the norm don't be fretting about how often you need to see doctor if you saw doctor every week something would be wrong. Congratulations on your news and as for the flying you should be ok - they say not to fly in the first and last trimesters so that is weeks 1-12 and week 30 onwards great news!!
oh my goodness Posts: 11
Help again (sorry). Since I have known I was pregnant I have had a constant cramp like (period like) pain in the middle of my stomach. This has now moved to my right side and I am getting worried about it. My doctor thought it was normal cramping but I am very worried about an Ectopic Pregnancy. There is no bleeding or anything!! Does anyone know about this? Thanks again