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Holly2012 Posts: 6
Hi ladies!! Decided to start my own thread because I don't want to clog up the others with daily updates!! If anyone fancies tracking regularly feel free to join in! :thnk Goal Start weight: 10.2 Goal weight: 9.2 My aim is to reach goal by Christmas eve (at the latest) so that 1.4pounds a week which will be tough!! Plan: Drink water like a crazy person (2Litres a day minimum) Exercise daily (6 days per week - one rest day) Diet - wacth intake especially cut out snacks. Feeling quite motivated now so hopefully it'll last for the next 10 weeks! :hyper: Day 1: 2 Litres Water, 980Kcal so far plus dinner to come of say 300, cycle to/from work plus 1 cicuits class.
Holly2012 Posts: 6
Day 2: water 2L, diet 1265kcal, exercise - 8k cycle & 5k run!
lemon21 Posts: 366
Looks like great plan keep going!
Holly2012 Posts: 6
Thanks for the encouragement lemon!! Day 3... 2L of water, Diet- 1280kcal (ate jellies as part of that though, would like to cut down on sugar!) Exercise -circuits class Happy with today :)