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sunsparks Posts: 2196
I thought it would be good to start a potential sticky for couples planning a wedding in Italy (maybe some would do Spain and other destinations?). In it, we could list suppliers and our reviews of them... I know some of ye paid for planners, but I think this would save significantly on this cost. Anyway, here goes (and I'll edit as I dig out more older details). [b:3a8msdg2]Tuscan venues[/b:3a8msdg2] Villa Paggeria Medicea “La Ferdinanda”, Artimino, Tuscany They are fabulous. Really good service. Four star hotel right beside the venue and apartments just down the road as part of the complex. They are accommodating most of our guests there, although some will have to stay a little further away. The pictures on the web site don’t do it justice. It’s stunning and in a fabulous hill-top location. They have an in-house planner who will help organise musicians, etc., so it takes a lot of the pressure off. My only gripe about Artimino is that they are kicking us out at 2:30am. Bummer. They used to open until 4am, but I think other guests in the hotel complained. :( So we’re going to hijack the swimming pool and have an extended late/early pool party!!!! [i:3a8msdg2]Here are some other venues I looked at and which we visited when we were in Italy last September:[/i:3a8msdg2] Castello il Palagio Again, really nice guy there – he’ll help with the planning, etc.. Seems a little cheaper than Artimino, but doesn’t have accommodation on site, so our guests would have been scattered. It’s a gorgeous small castle and the reception would be in the main courtyard. V romantic. Loads included in the menus, etc. DO NOT use their recommended photographer though. Castello il Meleto Fabulous, fabulous location. Great staff (again) and accommodation on site. Quirky little castle – they actually have a little theatre inside. Accommodation on site. Why didn’t we go for it?? Well, we just fell for Artimino, which was so different to this. This is quite close to Siena, which is a big plus. Gargonza Another fabulous place. It’s actually a little hill-top town all on its own. You basically rent the town for the weekend/couple of days. It’s got a little church in the village too. Miles from anywhere (minus for us), but that means it’s beautifully isolated. I’ve heard great reports about it. [b:3a8msdg2]Photographers[/b:3a8msdg2] Domenico Costabile This is our guy. We haven't met him, but all my dealings via email have been very professional. I just love his photos. 'Nuff said here really. Loads of good references for them. Camera Chiara This is a couple that work together at weddings. They seemed really nice. I got lots of good references for them. Carlo Giorgi Have heard good things about this guy. [b:3a8msdg2]Bands[/b:3a8msdg2] Guty & Simone I found them online and then found a recommendation on here. Their demo is excellent and they are real pros at the email. I am taking a chance and booking them despite not seeing them play. Will be able to update this in August!!!! Hopefully it will be good!!!!
Spooner Posts: 274
We did use a planner merely because I didn't have time to be doing wedding stuff on a regular basis and when it came to the paperwork she really helped us out ( you normally have to go to the town hall to sign the paperwork- but our planner organised it for the town official to come to us!) She was a god send for us, made it a real stress free occasion for us, she even fell in when my friend who was a make up artist couldn't come and she did the make up as well! Anyway our venue A real gem about 8kms from Siena, breathtaking views, it was our dream venue come true! Lots of little restaurants nearby that we could sneak off to if the gang were getting too much for us! We went for the villa because we were able to have the reception there we had intended using the chapel there originally but the priest wouldn't allow us! They had the most amazing gardens and a fab swimming pool We used the Certosa di Pontignano ( stunning church) about 6kms from Siena- our chapel sat just 40 and the frescoes were breathtaking! Our photographer was Julian from he did a brilliant job( only complaint is that I got a disc with 700 pictures of the day- was completely sick of looking at myself!) You hardly knew he was there and he was fab at spotting a good shot, he also lined up a great videographer for us who also did a fantastic job- really professional! Guty and Simone were our band and they were brill, they even learnd our first song for us. They had the floor full all night with Beatles, Police, Robbie, Van the Man! Best of Luck Spooner!
charli Posts: 5994
girls just to note that the sticky on GETTING MARRIED ABROAD may have info for you guys too!
diamondbride07 Posts: 21
Hi Sunsparks We’re getting married in Montepolli in Tuscany in June 2007. We are using a wedding planner – . We have a villa booked & are holding our reception at the same venue – . Its fabulous we originally thought we would have less than 20 guests going – we now have 50+ are the majority are able to stay in varramista as it hosts a number of villas split into apartments. The Photographer we have booked is – Has anyone used them before?? We have also booked Guty & Simone, Demo sounded good but I haven’t seen them play – will let you know . . . :lvs
irishcouple20 Posts: 2
Hi diamondbride07 just signed up to this - very new to the wedding planning. We are considering getting married at Varramista but our hesitation is not with regard to the wedding day itself but the practicalities for guests on the day before and after. we will be having about 80-90 guests, Irish gang can stay at varramista, others live close by anyway so not a problem but i doubt most of the irish guests would want to rent a car. Have you considered how your guests will get from airport or even train station to villa? and there is no restaurant on location so are you going to buy food in for them or let everyone do their own thing? How are they going to get to restaurants / supermarkets? Am i worrying too much trying to satisfy guests who dont even know we're getting married yet?!! Also, what church are you planning on using? We're probably going to go with a planner but hope to twist the arm of an uncle to do photography so hope we wont have to sweat too much on that one.
diamondbride07 Posts: 21
We had the same queries before we booked Varramista but we have decided to arrange a bus to pick everyone up at the Airport, all our guests are either flying in on the Friday night or Saturday lunch time. On the Saturday night we are arranging for a bus to pick all of us up & take us to Florence for dinner & the day after the wedding we are planning to have a BBQ - hopefully that will keep everyones tummy happy. . . . My dad & a friend are hiring cars so they can be on grocery runs. . . but Roberta the estate manager in Varranista can also arrange for fresh food ect to be delivered at any stage. We visited about 5 different churches when we were over last June all about 20-30min away. I picked the one below because of its location, its situated on top of a hill & has been maintained beautifully. It also has a little restaurant directly across the road where we are going to have a champagne drink before heading back to Varramista. Hopefully all goes to plan! ! ! When are you getting Married? [b:1qc2a6f8]CHURCH ADDRESS[/b:1qc2a6f8] Parrocchia S. APPIANO A BARBERINO D’ELSA Via Francesco Da Barberino. 40 Address : Barberino Val D’Elsa (Fi) 50021 BARBERINO VAL D’ELSA Resident Parish Priest Name : Rev. Luciano Marchetti
diamondbride07 Posts: 21
Hi Sunsparks Have you an email for these photographers -website looks brill be cant find any contact details. . . Also has e told you howlong it wll take to get your Album fnished??
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Gosh girls... Varramista looks amazing!!! Try and tell him that I sent you!!! :)
diamondbride07 Posts: 21
Hi Sunsparks Emailed photographer last night & he sent me over details this morning, link below is also his website. My main quiery was how long it takes to get your completed album. Domenico aimsto have your album within 4 weeks - FABULOUS :xox The photographer I was going to use takes 5months to send you completed work - which I thought was going to be the norm So thanks sooooo much to all you WOL's :xxx
diamondbride07 Posts: 21
PS... Sunsparks, Didnt know your name to tell him you had recommended him, Sorry..... Have you got him booked? :lvs