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lovelybeaches Posts: 22
Anyone else itchy? legs so irritating with th itch now started on arms. 7 weeks pregnant hope this goes soon!!!!
Wannabmama Posts: 299
Oh I feel your pain.Im sure everyone is different but at 28weeks I'm still itchy.At times it drives me crazy my consultant recommended aveno with menthol or E45.If I put E45 on when the itch starts it calms it a lot.I also find it's worse at night time when I take my clothes of.It does seem to related a bit to body temp changes.Do u get a rash after you itch?
isabella123 Posts: 175
Soooo itchy!!..especially my legs and back. Back especially worse cos I can't reach parts of it..I use coconut oil after shower and it seems to help. Must try aveeno too..
Friday13 Posts: 354
i was so so so SO bloody itchy in the early weeks. Then one day i forgot to take my pregnacare- no itch that day. hmmm... So i came straight off them, and now just take 800mg of Folic acid adn 400mg of Vitamin D3. No itch anymore! are you taking pregnacare or similar? my midwife said it might have been the iron in the pregnacare. it's horrible though. my back was the worst, i was itching the back and arms off myself. Thought i had shingles!! it might jsut be the increase in hormones too, which your body will get used to.
lovelybeaches Posts: 22
Wannabmamma mine is same worse at nighttime muxt look into the aveno cream and also the coconut oil Isabella, Friday13 i am taking pregnacare wonder is that it? no side affects in the pack must do wee google search. Have early scan next week will mention it then too
Friday13 Posts: 354
Come off it for 2 days and take folic acid instead- see if it makes a difference. It certainly did for me! Once youre taking folic acid (they say 400mg but i take 800mg) and Vitamin D3 this is really all you need for now anyway. I take vitamin C most days also- as i find it keeps me regular!