Itchy bumo and around the sides

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windycity Posts: 2241
Hi girls, Im itching like crazy on the bump today.. Of course I googled it and all sorts of liver conditions and still birth stuff came up O:| I hate google!! Just wondering if anyone else has this?
blueboots Posts: 833
Yup get it quite a lot. The skin stretching is causing the itching. I find my rubbing extra belly creams/ oils helps.
MePleez Posts: 27
oh my.....i read the title of this post "itchy bumo" and thought...oh sweet lord do i have to look forward to an itchy bum as well!!! on both sides???!! phew only a typo :-)
mama2E Posts: 670
I hear ya - i've really itchy boobs! Last time my boobs got HUGEEEEE in last trimester, probably growing niggles - oh not again (left awful stretch marks after BF) Oh the joys!
theoracle Posts: 7664
There is a long list of reasons to have itchiness in pregnancy, but I alwas say report it with the gp to exclude cholestasis, just to be sure.