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Perci Posts: 3847
Anyone else suffering from itchy skin? My ankles have been swollen and itchy for a while but on Sunday my stomach, feet and wrists were driving me mad. Anyway, emailed my consultant on Sunday night who got back to me within 15mins :eek cos he wanted me to go in for blood tests yesterday to rule out a liver problem. Haven't got the results back but he said if I have the condition they would deliver the baby straight away. I've had such an easy pregnancy that it seems all the problems have been lying in wait until the last few weeks! Anyone experienced this?
Mrs J Posts: 387
Can't help I'm afraid but I do remember two girls in my yoga class having really bad itchy skin and both had blood tests which were fine. Think they used calomine lotion and someone mentioned eating celery can help? Hope it all works out ok for you.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Augusta I've been having the same problem. It only started last week. Really itchy wrists, ankles and feet. My belly is itchy too but that kinda has been since the bump started getting big. My ankles and hands were very swollen last week. When I wake up during the night I can't move my hands they're all stiff and sore. I'm with the consultant on Fri so will mention it then. Hopefully the results will come back and all will be fine.
buzybumble Posts: 831
Ive was told that silcox base (not sure how to spell it) works wonders. You plaster the areas before a shower and then while in the shower is cleans and softens your skin. You can also put it on your bump, feet etc.. but wear an old t shirt and socks over night and then rinse off in the mornings. It's made for people with severe dry skin problems. Also its quite cheap for a lrg tub of it.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Girls, definitely mention this to your consultant/GP if only to exclude possibility of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure). Another post here had to deliver early due to pre-eclampsia and the only symptom she had was itchiness, so just to be safe it is better to have it checked out. I don't mean to spook you, it may be completely harmless, but it is defo worth having it checked out.
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I had this to, it started about 35wks. It ended up I had pre ecamplisa but it was now affecting the baby so they kept me untill 39wks and then induced as my bp when far too high. Try not to worry but go to your gp. Also look out for blurred vision, I had this too and loads of swelling as in a had to wear slippers all the time. Just go and get it checked up, they will test your urine and bp, but im sure all will be fine.
charli Posts: 5994
itchy skin can be common place in pregnancy, particularly the itchy belly because of all the stretching, though there isnt really any stretching anywhere else, hence perhaps the blood tests to discuss what is causing it a friend of a friend, had that liver condition and the itchiness that you are referring to and she delivered at 32 weeks, c-section. all was well though. i am sorry that i dont know the ins and outs of it - this particular girl had lots of other complications in TTC, and misscarriages, unrelated to this condition but perhaps thats why she had to deliver 8 weeks early
Aug Dream Posts: 142
Hi Augusta, I had this about 6 weeks ago now and still have slightly itchy feet now. I am due the 9th of Nov, just a day behind ya!! Initially I had it on my ankles, feet, between toes and soles of feet, hands, wrists and between fingers. It came out as tiny wee bumps but generally hit the worst at nighttime in bed. Would wake up to go to the toilet, with a severe itch and then not able to get back to sleep again. My doc did liver function tests, which were all fine. I was then told that it was a form of eczema, and prescribed a cortisone steriod cream which I didn't touch, as thought could risk baby. The trick to make it feel better has been to keep feet cool the whole time and to keep them really well moisturised. I lather than with Bio Oil and that has really helped and keep my feet out from under the covers at nighttime!! It's better to be safe than sorry with all of things anyway and to get them properly checked out. Hope the itch goes away real soon for you. Best of luck Aug Dream :wv :wv
Perci Posts: 3847
Thanks a mill for all the replies. It's definitely not pre-eclampsia, my BP is normal and no protein in urine etc. I haven't had dry skin either and have managed to escape the dreaded stretch marks so far. I actually haven't used any creams or oils during the pregnancy and I got a gift of Sanctuary Mum to Be products that I used for the first time on Sunday and look what happened! I'm booked in for c-section next Tuesday anyway and back with the consultant on Thurs so I'm not overly concerned, it's just more annoying than anything! :thnk
Shilanne Posts: 304
Hey Augusta - wow you are heading in on tuesday - thats the 23rd oct? you will be 38 weeks? I was wondering - I know you're babs is breeck - has it been really painful? Mine is starting to cause me a lot of discomfort ....and pain ! Where are you having your baby? You must be SO excited with your date and knowing that tomorrow WEEK you will have your little baby ....WOW