Itchy leg with dry patch

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70schick Posts: 201
Hi all, wondering of it is very normal to have itchy patches on your leg and some dry circular patches as well. Feel kinda stupid posting it as a question but don't want to dr google it as I will probably read that I have to lose my leg..My upper thigh is really itchy but no rash and also I have a small penny sized circle which is a bit raw looking. Probably very common but didn't have it on DD pregnancy. Am 8 weeks gone. Thanks for any advice/tips.
sunshinebear Posts: 74
hi, I had really itchy legs at the start too, I moisturise twice a day so I didn't have the dry patches but that didn't help with itch. I got aveeno moisturiser for itchy skin and used this, it worked really well. midwife said its quite common in pregnancy
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Hey 70schick, I got dry itchy patches on the inside of my thighs as well! They were round patches too but were easily managed with daily use of palmers oil, which I am using on my bump anyway! Keep well moisturised and they should improve! I used sudocreme at night as well when I initially broke out! Hope that helps
70schick Posts: 201
Thanks girls, advice much appreciated! Am using sudo cream. It will definitely the palmers. Thanks again!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Second vote here for aveeno for itchy legs. I'd say its pregnancy related but ask your doc to take a look.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I'd get it checked out on the off chance it's a small clot. A friend of mine had a round patch on her leg that turned out to be a clot in a superficial vein. It's not dangerous in a superficial vein so she just had to wear support stockings for two weeks. I think she said the patch felt warm and was near a small varicose vein. Don't want to panic you but better safe etc...
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Aveeno moisturiser was a life saver for me too, but make sure it's the menthol one it's slightly cooling as well. It my also be related to liver function so might be no harm to mention it to GP.