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R2theB Posts: 1660
Bit of a strange problem I've been having for the past year or so. My lower legs, mainly shins and ankles, itch like crazy at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. I end up scratching them 'til there's red welts and a couple of times they've even bled. There's no spots, flaky skin or marks to indicate a skin condition, rash or an allergic reaction, it's like there's loads of tiny ants crawling just beneath the top layer of skin, but it couldn't be scabies (gross I know, remember an outbreak in boarding school way back when, not pleasant) because it's localised and no marks. It doesn't happen every night but maybe about twice a week and it's driving me BANANAS. Anyone have any clue what it might be? I epilate my legs about once a month, or whenever I can be bothered, maybe it's something to do with this? But I'd been doing that for a long time before this started. Anyway, if anyone can help or has suffered similarly please let me know! I'm sure you probably think I sound batty, but I will end up being properly batty if I don't sort this soon. :weep
gopro Posts: 1801
would you describe it as creppy crawly feeling? it could be a condition called restless leg syndrome. some people feel the urge to scratch their legs. def go to your GP and get some advice.
redrobin Posts: 428
I get this on and off and have come to realise that it's related to my diet, circulation and general well being. If I eat a lot of sugar etc I find it gets worse. Nothing really comes up on Internet searches and it's definitely not a skin condition. A few years ago I went for acupuncture during fertility treatment. The acupuncturist asked if I had itchy legs and put it down to my health at the time. The itching disappeared during the acupuncture course and has only come back a few times since. A good walk helps plus you can moisturise at night. I think the rubbing just improves circulation. Sorry, that's just my own experience. Never really got to the bottom of it but it seems to be under control. One last thing...don't scratch! It only makes it worse.
mymission Posts: 319
I used to bet this a lot a few years and it was awful. I found that using products with soap in them made it a lot worse ie shower gels etc. I switched to Aveeno products and I don;t get the itchy legs anymore. I can't ever use nice smelly stuff for the bath either or it sparks off again. Worth a try anyway. You get used to the Aveeno shower gel. Its not as sudzy as normel shower gel - but its fine Good luck
R2theB Posts: 1660
Thanks for the responses folks, will try a few things suggested here before I take a trip to the GP. Such a strange, but irritating, problem!! And SO hard not to scratch but I'll try my darnedest.
vulgarpicture Posts: 571
Have you been on the sunbeds by any chance? Ive only used them on a couple of occasions and have experienced the most awful itch every time (only on my legs and belly) its actually what makes me stop using them above all the other risks, drives me potty! Im using them at the minute, 2 sessions and the scratching is already started! :action31 Here have a big mutal scratch from me!
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
This may sound random but I've heard of itchy leg syndrome being related to low iron. So get your ferritin or iron levels checked, it may be a cause.
R2theB Posts: 1660
I tried some of OH's aftershave balm on them last night and it worked!!! Or maybe it was just a non-itchy night, but finger's crossed. I think it might be regrowth from the epilating, had a google of it last night and sounds pretty common. Thanks again! :thnk
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Hey, i had something similar. I got it when I was pregnant but i thought it was due to the fact that i was carrying a girl as i hadnt had it in my previous pregnancy with my son. But i still had it after i gave birth. I was referred to James hosp to the dermatology dept and it turns out I had folliculitis. It had started out in my legs but through scratching it spread all over my hands, elbows and i had some on my back and bottom :-8 I had originally gone to my GP who told me it was scabbies but i knew it wasnt that as I am very particular about my sheets and also I shared a bed with DH and DS and neither of them had it. Also I didnt have it between my toes and fingers which is a true indicator of scabbies. Basically what folliculitis is is an infection in the hair follicle. you mention that you had shaved your legs which is how I got it. I first noticed it back in October and I still have it to this day. My new GP said you have to treat it like acne and that it takes a while to shift. Every now and again I will break out into an itching fit esp at night, never really during the day and its the heat at night in bed that causes it. Basically how im treating it is just smothering my legs in silcox base daily and washing with Aveeno. The oat extract is very good. I notice that when I dont get a chance to moisturise that that is when i become itchy again. HTH