Itchy Skin - Early Pregnancy Sign?

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happymammy09 Posts: 318
Just wondering if anyone had itchy skin all over their body, as a symtom of early pregnancy? Thanks!
Hoping42 Posts: 536
It was definitely a symptom I had. I was driven mad but it was gone by about the 5th week thank god!
crazylady10 Posts: 539
No never heard of itching as a symptom of early pregnancy. Strange!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i have had this on and off for the past couple of weeks - mostly in the mornings when i'm driving to work which drives me crazy :o0
happymammy09 Posts: 318
Thanks ladies, I have it at night mainly. It's really annoying. I think I am pregnant but haven't tested yet!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
OHHH JEEEZ I HOPE NOT!!! :eek I have been mad itchy the last week or two :eek if I'm pregnant my DH will leave home :o0