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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi there My skin seems to be v itchy these days, arms and legs even hands and soles of feet - particularly wrists today... any suggestions :wv
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi chloe, usually when people post this i reply and say its normal skin stretching, but very itcy skin on hands and feet can indicate a liver condition. My skin on belly and boobs gets very itchy but never hands or feet. I dont mean to alarm you, but keep and eye on it and perhaps give your doc a ring just to be sure.
zoey Posts: 1574
Hi Chloe, Congrats on your pregnancy. My 2 sisters were expecting babies at around the same time two years ago and their skin was so bad at the time that their husbands nicknamed them 'the itchy and scratchy show'! So I gues it must be a fairly common symptom.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
My skin has been really itchy on and off, legs and arms in particular. I have been meaning to mention it to my doctor. But actually I read in a book recently that many women experience it. Of course you should get it checked out regardless though.